Elizabeth Hurley continues to amaze at 54 with swimsuit shoot


When it comes to promoting swimsuit designs, there appears to be no one more accomplished than Liz Hurley. While Hurley does often share a lot of bikini photos (she has her own swimwear line – Elizabeth Hurley Beach), her most recent photo has caused a frenzy within her most loyal fans.

The English actress, and now beachwear designer, has returned to the world of bathing suit modelling. Wearing a chocolate-brown one piece, with a plunging neckline and low back fit, the 54-year-old actress is showing no signs of her age. It’s certainly a big change from her usual bikini-clad photo shoots, however, there’s no doubt the actress pulls it off in with great effect.

Hurley has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and her recent upload has received almost 52 000 likes currently. While the swimsuit is certainly a knockout, there is no doubt that Liz’s seductive pose and body language in the image has been a real talking point amongst her most devoted, loyal fans.

Hurley has been very vocal about how she stays in shape, and she certainly isn’t afraid to show off the rewards of all her hard work. The mother-of-one revealed to fans that she only eats fresh wholefoods that she grows in her own backyard. She gets most of her exercise via yoga and Pilates and makes sure that she walks her dogs every day. On top of this, Hurley says she keeps away from various source of refined sugar.





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