The English football legend was in trouble in Saudi Arabia

Last night, the football team of Al-Etfaqan, under the leadership of Steven Gerrard, the legend of Liverpool, played against the Al-Riyadh team and lost with the result of 1-0.

With this defeat, Gerrard somehow entered into a crisis in the Saudi League. Despite the good foreign purchases, the legend of English football has not been able to win in the last 3 games.

Under Gerrard’s leadership, Al-Etfaqan has had two defeats and one draw in the last 3 games. The Saudi team is now in seventh place after 10 weeks of the Saudi league with 17 points.

Gerrard attracted the Liverpool captain Henderson after the transfer to Al-Etfaqan. According to the news received from Saudi Arabia, the management of Al-Fatfam Club warned Gerrard after this loss because he could not win in the third game in a row.


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