The United States hired the FBI to arrest the Russian hacker

Earlier this year, the U.S. government charged Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known by the online names “Vazavaka” and “Boryselcin,” of carrying out a series of ransomware attacks against critical U.S. companies and infrastructure, according to TechCrunch. and has done elsewhere in this country.

The feds also accused him of being a central figure in the development and deployment of ransomware variants such as Hive, LockBit, and Babuk. Mataev is such a prominent cybercriminal that the FBI named him one of its most wanted hackers. He, who the FBI believes is in Russia, is unlikely to face extradition to the United States.

The Federal Reserve, or Fed means “Federal Reserve”, is the central bank of the United States of America, which was established in 1913 with the purpose of supervising banking operations in this country.

The situation is so typical for Matiov that he is now mocking the Fed by making a T-shirt with his favorite X poster.

“I don’t like the name hacker. We are a separate type of expert and we use our knowledge and resources without writing articles,” he wrote in a message.

Mataev’s online shenanigans, which included lengthy interviews with cybersecurity reporters, posting selfie videos of himself driving while listening to Metallica, and writing about his hacking activities, led to him being placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Until he leaves Russia, his life may not be much different than it was before he was indicted.


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