New US federal judge

The Senate has approved a Muslim woman to serve as a federal judge on the Eastern District Court of New York.

According to Reuters news agency, the US Senate has confirmed civil rights lawyer Nusrat Choudhury as a federal judge for the Eastern District of New York. In this way, she became the first female Muslim federal judge in American history. Nasir Chowdhury is of Bangladeshi origin and his parents are immigrants.

During the voting in this regard, the Senate voted in favor of Chowdhury with a fragile majority of 50 votes in favor to 49 votes against. He spent most of his legal experience in racial justice issues (combating racial discrimination) and national security issues.

In a statement congratulating the selection of a Muslim woman as a federal judge, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said: “Choudhury’s experience as a talented and dedicated civil rights attorney has prepared her to serve with integrity and professionalism in the federal courts.” . He will pursue the facts and execute justice with fairness and deep respect for the rule of law.






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