Mohammad Ali Soroury says some important points about buying gold.

Pay attention to these points when buying gold

In choosing designs and models, they should pay attention to what design is suitable for them. For example, white gold is suitable for white skin. Red gold, which has recently entered the market, is more effective for skin with bronze color.

How to distinguish between good and bad gold

To be sure of the type of carat, you should refer to a trusted gold and jewelry store. What should someone do if they don’t have a trusted gold shop and want to buy it for the first time?
In this case, they can refer to the supervisory units for gold and jewelry sales or buy from a shop that has a business license, because the shops that have a business license are under the collection of the Union of Gold and Jewelry and in terms of quality and carat They are regularly controlled.

Buying gold for a wedding or gift
One of the most exciting parts of wedding shopping, especially for women, is probably jewelry. In addition to being enjoyable, it is considered a sensitive purchase that you need to consider the following points when buying.

1- Do not buy platinum in the name of gold:

Gold can be identified by the letter k next to its carat on the piece. For platinum, the letters pt are engraved on the piece. So, with a little precision, distinguish between gold and platinum.

2- Do not buy second-hand gold in the name of new gold:

Another thing you should pay attention to is that you should not buy second-hand gold instead of new gold. To recognize this issue, pay attention to the lock part of pieces such as bracelets and necklaces. If the gold is second-hand, some discoloration or scratches will appear in these parts.

3- Do not spend large budgets:

Of course, this is up to you. But if you don’t intend to spend a lot of money on buying wedding gold, choose products that don’t have special cuttings or special models. This reduces the gold production fee.

4- Say the adverb of stone and gem:

It is true that these items greatly affect the beauty of the gold piece, but they increase the price of the product to a great extent. Obviously, a much lower price is waiting for you when selling. In addition, the problem arises when you buy fake stones and gems due to lack of knowledge.

5- Buy gold in times of less demand:

In months like Muharram and Safar, when marriage ceremonies are not held, the demand for buying gold decreases. The same issue affects the price of gold. So, if you can, postpone your purchase until this time.

A word of wisdom: never buy gold when it’s rusted! For example, if you want to buy gold on the occasion of Nowruz Eid, don’t go to the gold shop right before Nowruz Eid and make your purchase. With a plan, you can postpone this purchase to a few months before Nowruz Eid! (that is, when the demand for buying gold is low and the price of gold is without a price bubble)

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