American singer Dua Lipa releases new YSL fragrance


YSL Beauty has teamed up with pop-superstar Dua Lipa and launched Libre, a unique, gender-neutral perfume unlike anything they have released before.

The new YSL ambassador was given four scents to choose from, and she selected one that would fast become her signature scent.

Made of musk, orange blossom and lavender, Libre is a combination of extracts that have, in the past, been considered either masculine or feminine. By combining them, the fragrance is a metaphor for releasing social pressures and embracing the beauty standards you set for yourself.

Lipa’s passion for gender fluidity and individuality make Libre the perfect match for the 24-year-old. The singer does not feel restricted to dressing like a traditional woman; while she enjoys skirts, she loves baggy pants and sneakers equally.

Lipa also shared a beauty secret – saying that she realised she’d been using her concealer wrong for years. By rubbing it onto her face, rather than dabbing it, she ended up rubbing it off – which was why it wasn’t covering anything.

Dabbing on concealer is a technique that makeup artists everywhere swear by. Another tip they suggest is to use the concealer to highlight the cheekbones and cover discolouration.

Lipa has recently blasted back onto the top 40 pop charts with her new hit, “Don’t Stop Now”. The single is a fresh dance track that shows off her new experimental style. She has also announced that she will be releasing a nostalgic, disco-themed album in 2020.

Model Lily Alridge has also recently released a new fragrance named Haven, which was inspired by walks in her home garden. It has romantic, floral notes as well as fruity freshness thanks to a dose of lychee and orange.

The new YSL fragrance is now available in department stores and online.





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