Get To Know Singer-Songwriter Liza Jane with these 7 Fun Facts


Liza Jane is an award-winning soprano singer-songwriter of Italian descent. Born in Miami but raised in Key West, Liza has always expressed a passion for music. Over the years, Liza has performed live on stage with some of the music industries elite and has opened for various high-profile bands and musicians including, Three Dog Night, the Doobie Brothers, Grand Funk Railroad and rock-star Phil Brown and the late, great, Paul Cotton from his band POCO.

Her latest single release, ‘Carry On’ Feat. Young Miller Tha Don is out on all platforms.

Here are 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know about Liza Jane

1. I have a rescued little, brown dog named, Buckley, after “Jeff Buckley” the famous singer, songwriter, guitarist. We also rescued his brother, Bowie a black and white cutie pie, named after the incredible David Bowie. Little did we know that these brothers, would be incredible singers! There work as a duo; with my Buckley taking lead soprano and Bowie harmonizing along. Buckley sings and jumps on the piano keys, (much like Elton John) and Bowie just howls in sync. Sometimes it is so bad or so good, that we have to lock them outside, just for a few minutes so I can record or work on my songs, without my dynamic four-legged duo singing along. I think they could have a real career, and we are looking at getting them an agent!

2. A fun fact about me is that singing in other languages has always come very easily. I can sing in French, Italian, German, Latin, Spanish and of course, English. I am very grateful for this gift to absorb other languages, but always when music notes are involved and classical arias. The notes just roll off of me and the music fills the air. I do not even think about it not being my native language, it feels so right!

3. When I was about 4 or 5, my tap/jazz team of 10 very cute little girls were performing “The Good Ship Lollipop” by Shirley Temple on stage. It was a big day, lots of acts, and talent. The audience was packed. When my team got on stage and started to perform, the song was over before I knew it and I was just getting started. What were these people thinking? So, when everyone left the stage, I moved front and center and tapped my heart out and sang about the good ship lollipop and the trip to the candy shop until three adults came and drug me off the stage, while my feet still touched the floor tapping away the whole time. What did they expect, once they put that red, white and blue fringe skirt on me a star was born, and I did get a standing ovation!

4. I have always been very spiritual and raised to use my intuition or gut instincts. When other kids were learning math, I opened a “crystal store” with my own private collection, and my mother taught me about buying and selling and subtracting all with the use of crystals. It was the only way for me. I studied astrology from a young age, still do and if things aren’t going well, then out comes the sage. I meditate and listen to positive affirmations, gratitude journals and the laws of attraction before going to sleep each evening. I try to better myself and do what I can to help this world each day, even if it just a simple prayer.

5. I don’t mention this too much, but I have a day named after me in my hometown of Key West, Florida. It is June 2nd, it started in 2015, the mayor and all the officials of the Keys got together and granted me this day. It is because of my philanthropic work and because I used my gift of singing to raise money for the homeless veterans at a concert, I opened for Grand Funk Railroad. The money I raised from the concert and from the sale of my CD, “We Could Start A Fire,” I donated it all, and I was able to help homeless family find permanent shelter. That felt good, and it was the right thing to do.

6. Since I was a very young girl I sang and acted out every part in the Phantom of the Opera. I was a Christine wannabe. When I was in my senior year of high school at 15 years old, I had a dream come true. My mother tells the story in such a way, it is hilarious, but it is the truth. My mom was in a hair salon finally getting her hair highlights put in, (it was probably the only day, she didn’t have to drive me to a voice lesson, piano, or dance). Her hair was full of tin foil and sticking out in every direction; but she overheard they were looking for a “Christine” to sing with a famous singer Brent Barrett, who plays the phantom in New York and Chicago. The man who was looking was checking out of the salon. So, my mother moved fast, she ran after him, down the street foil flying off, crazy looking and said, “you have to hear my daughter sing, here is your Christine!” she shoved her phone in his ear and said” just listen”. Next thing I know, Brent Barrett is calling me, he has approved my voice and would be honored to sing with me! “See you at the Tennessee Williams Theater, we will rehearse.” The big night came, and the audience was standing room only, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, “The Village of My life” all sat in the front row. We sang our duet, “All I ask of You” and there was not a dry eye in the house. It was lovely. Perfect. We received a standing ovation. My parents were given tissues to dry their eyes, and me, I just was beaming when Brent Barret hugged me!

7. Another, amazing fun fact I have is that when I was just 2 years old, I was wearing a pink Disney princess gown with matching wand, and I was singing. Not in a 2-year-old voice, but a classical voice, an aria song about love and beauty that I had memorized. Once again, I had my family in awe and shock, my mom ran in from the kitchen and said, “Liza Jane, was that you?” “Was that you singing?” I looked up at her and said, “of course mommy, didn’t I tell you I came here to sing?” So, throughout my life with all the struggles and the days where I question my career choices or is this right for me, my mother brings me right back to that moment when I was so young. “Liza Jane, you came her to sing, it is that simple, there is a plan for you. Stay the course, never let go of that dream. You are here to sing!”

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