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Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem is a highly regarded entrepreneur. She has been running a music school and store since 2016 and published a children’s book, all the while continuing her university studies as a Ph.D. student at Liberty University. Her music store, Anydos, provides students with two simple things: consistently high-quality instruments and reliable, personable music teachers.

Annastasia answered a few questions we had about Anydos and her philosophy when it comes to music education.

Hi Annastasia. Where is Anydos based in Canada, and how did you come up with the name?

Anydos headquartered is inside Westdale shopping mall, and the address is 1151 Dundas Street West, Mississauga. The postal code is L5C 1C6, in Ontario, Canada.

The word Anydos is from my name Annastasia Onyinyechkwuka Igbodokwu (aka Igbodos), a maiden name. I picked A from Annastasia, NY, from Onyinyechkwuka and DOS from Igbodos.

I have used the name Anydos for several years as my artist name to record music. When it came to naming my company that focuses on education and entertainment, I registered the brand name Anydos.

Anydos became a record label and e-commerce company to support prospective and enthusiastic music students in 2016. Anydos primarily deals as a music school and store by guiding students to buy the right musical instruments while connecting them to the best music instructors. Anydos sells the best ukuleles, violins, guitars, harps, guqin, pipa, and several other musical instruments, as well as affordable music lessons. We also provide repair services of string and piano instruments and have a professional recording studio for music and filming.

How large is the student intake, or in other words, how many students does the school assist on average?

As of June 2020, Anydos assist on average of about 550 students for an in-class music lesson. Anydos music school keeps increasing daily because of the flexibility for students to learn with us from the comfort of their homes. However, Anydos helps over 5, 000 music students worldwide through our online lessons platform and more than 400,000 students that buy or from Anydos e-commerce website or follow up with posts through our social media network.

In your opinion, what is the most common reason why students come to your school for music tuition?

The most common reason students come to my music school is the teachers, flexibility, and affordability. The parents always compliment Anydos for having compassionate and competent music teachers. The students enjoy their lessons and always look forward to coming back. The music teachers teach beyond the textbook; the students learn more than what they paid for, which is why they keep coming back and recommending Anydos music school to people. Also, Anydos are flexible in accommodating every student as a platform to encourage learning.

What does Anydos do differently than its competitors, and how does this give your business a competitive advantage?

Anydos focuses on student flexibility, which is often overlooked by the music education sector. Some of my students left their formal music school to join Anydos because their previous school neglected the students’ problem of not meeting up with their schedule. Our students from other schools also mention that most of their formal teachers were not compassionate, especially when they were inexperienced and still learning their craft.  Thankfully, we support prospective and enthusiastic music students. No one is perfect, meaning we all have to learn every day, and there is a need to welcome a new learner and not scare the learner away.

As an educator, I believe that when a teacher is compassionate to students, both of them can build a great relationship. The relationship will allow the student to focus more on learning the musical instrument and becoming a professional. If a music school can not integrate the student into the teacher’s learning environment, students could lose interest and drop out of their lessons. Anydos focus more on encouraging the students to learn. Our teachers show the student the best way to embrace music with their hidden talents and not just to know the theory in the music.

What is your favorite part of operating a music school?

My favorite part of operating Anydos music school is that I practice my role as an educational administrator, a singer, an entrepreneur, and an author. These roles allow me to learn and make the most significant leadership decisions that I never thought I could do through the help of God.

As an educational administrator, I apply all the knowledge that I have learned for years in my academic journey.  I practice with experience and expertise to address the need of the music students immediately when required. As a singer, I enjoy every beat and sound from all of our musical instruments. I use every opportunity to exercise my voice because I feel that the tunes from musical instruments need people to sing and or dance along.

As an entrepreneur, I learn every day to use the best strategy to build my brand. I learn from other music school’s failures and experiences, and I seek solutions for improvement and sustainability. As an author, I get inspired to write down every thought I gain from my music school. I talk with people, and they share their stories with me. I write the story down, though sometimes with fiction to entice my audience.

Are there any aspects of Anydos that you hope to change and develop over the next few years?

There are aspects to the school that I hope to develop over the next few years. I will be expanding Anydos to a TV channel for musicians, educators, and missionaries. My team and I will focus on edutainment programs as a platform for musicians to learn, show their talent, and promote their hard work without stress.

I want to provide an advocacy platform for people under any form of abuse or violence, especially in the education sector. Anydos is a record label, and I hope to develop artists from my music school and sign students to my record label. There may be some changes that I can apply, but I have not made the decision yet because I have not seen the need for any changes. All I need for Anydos is to grow into a more prominent company that will accommodate more students. Through the expansion, I hope to involve God for help in solving any education and entertainment-related issues.

Thank you Annastasia for your time!
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