Exclusive Interview with Aspiring Artist GQueTv


We recently connected with rising hip-hop artist GQueTv for an in-depth interview.

The Ohio native gave us a brief background on how he got started and what his plans for the future are.

He also told us about his current/upcoming projects and how he’s received praise from notable industry figures from the No Limit founder and mogul Master P, The Breakfast Club host DJ Envy, Legendary Trap producer Zaytoven to Big Draco himself Soulja Boy. Check out his interview to learn more about GQueTv’s journey.

GQueTv, What first got you into music, and who inspired you to make music?

I was 8 years old, prior to this I loved music and gained an ear for it from being exposed to it by family and friends. But I was 8 when I first got introduced to the artist who motivated and inspired me to dive into the thing that would shape and mold my life forever. His name was Shad Moss but the world knew him as Lil Bow Wow at the time, a music video of his came across the scream and sparked something in me. From that day forth I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

How would you describe your music?

I’m a pure Hip Hop/Rap enthusiast, I also love and appreciate other genres like R&B, Jazz and Neo soul. I would describe my music as a mixture of all my influences. If we had to categorize my style of rap I would say a versatile lyricist. I study music so much that I understand hit records aren’t wordy, so I can do both. I adjust to whatever song I’m working on.

What does your music say about you?

Confidence. It embraces and enhances my inner confidence! Music is my whole genetic makeup. I am nothing without it. It speaks to my soul. It consumes me. It gets me through life.

The confidence I’m speaking of came from watching and studying my favorite artist, and now being confident has been a part of my everyday life since I was 8 years old.

Do you collaborate with others? What is your creative process like?

Actually I’m releasing a new album March 17th, that is executive produced by a Cleveland Legend by the name of Ray Jr. he’s been doing music since the early 2000’s and is a major key player in our music scene in Cleveland. I flew down to Atlanta and we completed the project in a week. It was a great experience and I’m very excited about this release. As far as my creative process I typically get beats and write to them before I get to the studio. That way I’m not wasting time when I get there (the studio).

Sounds exciting, do you have a name for the album yet?

Yes, I have a name, This is exclusively for y’all! I haven’t told anyone this outside of Ray Jr.

The name of my new album is titled ‘From Me To You’. a gift from a midwest kid to the world in a sense.

GQueTv - From Me To You’ 

Are you planning any videos for your music?

I am always working on music and planning music videos. I create a lot of music and in order to keep your momentum swinging you have to push out content continously. In fact, I record and edit videos of my own for content purposes and I must say I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years and I’m self taught.

What is your biggest musical challenge?

My biggest and only music challenge is the ears. What I mean by that is, in my opinion every artist has a fan base and lane that loves exactly what they do and I’m still in search of mine. Once I get enough true listeners that love what I do and what I create musically and it then my job to stay consistent. I learned this from studying artists like CurrenSy, Tyler the Creator and Russ. Three different artists with three different sounds that have all found their lanes and fan base. I won’t stop until I find mine and even then, I love music so much that I’ll continue to create.


How’d you get noticed by so many people in the music industry?

Networking and due diligence. I know people that know people. My father (Akin Affrica) has built a lot of relationships with a lot of great people. He’s a true entrepreneur and businessman who rubs shoulders with the best of them. He’s been a huge help in assisting me throughout my whole life. It’s 20% of what you know and 80% of who you know. I also do my due diligence and research. I taught myself marketing and how to maintain the attention through entertainment and knowledge.

Anything else you want to add?

Yes, Most definitely. Rest in peace to the late, great DMX he and his team showed love before his passing. Salute to the legend Killa Cam (Cam’ron), I dressed up as him for Halloween 2021, he showed love. S/o to all my family, my friends and children. To everyone reading this I go by the name of GQueTv (pronounced: G Q T V) follow me on all social media platforms and tap in to my latest music. New Album on the way 3|17|22 Junior we got one.

Thank you GQueTv for your time!

You can follow up with GQueTv at his Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and listen to his music here: Spotify, Apple Music, Website





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