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Jessica Zhu is the founder of SUR Botanics, which produces premium-quality, specially formulated essential oils designed to enhance the ASMR experience of users. Starting from humble beginnings, Jessica has been able to grow the business amid a global pandemic and introduce more people to the benefits of trying her unique approach to aromatherapy + ASMR.

Below, Jessica answered some questions about SUR Botanics.

How did SUR Botanics come about?

It all started when I began to explore the benefits of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to help deal with some of the stresses I was dealing with as a new mother. Not only was I caring for my newborn child, but I was also trying to balance my professional career – and all of this was going on in the midst of a global pandemic.

The point of ASMR is to help induce a sensation known as ‘brain tingles’, but I was having trouble experiencing this sensation as intensely as others described. To help me get more out of ASMR, I began to experiment with aromatherapy to heighten my senses and get the signature tingling sensation.

I eventually created an essential oils blend that worked for me and allowed me to get the full benefit of ASMR. I realised that there were probably others like me who could benefit from my discovery, so partnered with an old classmate from John Hopkins University to create the first premium-quality blend from SUR Botanics – Tinglicious.

This was how SUR Botanics was created, and since then we have created other blends like Just Relax and A Thousand Z’s.

How did you come up with your custom ASMR blend?

Through experimentation, I have combined lavender, bergamot, frankincense, and myrrh. I believe Tinglicious is the first aromatherapy blend to be designed explicitly with ASMR in mind since that is what drove me to develop my original formula.

The quality of the essential oils I use is extremely important to me, and this is reflected in the quality of my personal blend. Those who purchase Tinglicious or any other blend from SUR Botanics is getting the same quality that I use with my own diffuser at home.

Where do your products come from?

All our orders are shipped directly from our garage in Maryland, USA. We aren’t a Dropshipping company selling products developed by a third-party – we 100% stand behind what we sell to our customers.

Our essential oils are 100% organic – not additives or extras of any kind.

Why the name SUR Botanics?

SUR is an abbreviation of ‘surrender’. It reflects how we encourage our customers to surrender their senses and open themselves up to new experiences. It also reflects how our customers can have total faith in our brand and the quality of our products.

What types of people are most suited to your products?

Our products are made for literally anyone who wants to try and enhance the experience they get from ASMR. ASMR is something that has become increasingly popularised through websites like YouTube, but some people (like me) have trouble enjoying the full sensory experience. Our products are designed to complement the ASMR experience and help give people a reliable outlet to relieve stress, get better sleep, and so much more.

Do you have any new blends in the works?

We are always excited to be working on new blends to enhance the ASMR experience. Our customers can stay connected with us on Instagram (@surbotanics) to be the first to know about new products!

Thank you Jessica for your time!
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