How to use good sound techniques in music by Ali Ehteshami:

Relax your vocal chords before you start singing:

Poor vocal chords mean that you cannot perform the above points well.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm with different notes instead of long E….and wait at least a few minutes after that.

Don’t force yourself to sing on a high note:

When you need to sing on a high note, don’t strain too hard, relax and let your voice rise slowly.

Definition of exercise, proper time to breathe while singing:

In ordinary writing and notes, phrases are often separated by commas or other symbols.
But it may not be the punctuation of the poems.
Before you start reading the poem, go through the poem and learn these punctuation marks in their correct place and take a breath between these punctuation marks.

Accepting criticism:

Try performing in front of friends or family or whoever you feel most comfortable with before doing anything.
Family members usually try to be sweet and not express their true opinions, while good friends freely tell us what they think.
Even laugh at yourself sometimes.





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