Music Festival Survival Guide – Major Festivals and Tips


Music festival season is pretty much all year round with multiple major festivals every month right around the world. If you have ever been lucky enough to go to a music festival either in your home country or travelled to a different part of the globe, then you probably know how much fun it can be, but it can also be slightly stressful especially if you aren’t properly prepared.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong at a music festival and it can be really easy to get separated from your friends, or even have changing weather conditions impact the live performances or even your outfit.

So, to get the most of your music festival experience and actually enjoy yourself make sure you have researched important survival guide tips. That way you are prepared for whatever the day throws at you and you have a plan if anything goes wrong.

When you get to the festival you want to kick back, relax and enjoy the performances, you probably won’t be able to do that if you are stressed about losing your friends or the fact that you didn’t bring something important with you (like a portable charger and you phone is about to run out of battery).

Music festivals are usually pretty busy places and are generally filled with people that have had a few drinks. So you should have a plan with your friends if anything goes wrong – you want to enjoy the music with your friends and not by yourself!

No matter the reason you are attending a music festival, to hear your favourite songs from the radio or to accompany you friend/s to their favourite artist, make sure you have all the tools and plans you need in your survival guide to ensure you have the best day possible. Have a look below at your essential survival guide:

Portable charger

As briefly mentioned on in the introduction, it is important that you bring a portable charger with you. Your phone is your point of communication with the rest of the people in your group (what happens if you get separated and need to call your friends and you don’t have any battery?) and even potentially the way you will get home (i.e. Uber).

Therefore, it is vital that you have a phone with battery for the entire day. While some festivals these days may actually have charging stations, the whole point of going is to see the music and not be chained and waiting for your phone to charge. A portable charger can be taken around with you so you can have a charged phone with you all day!

Bring tickets and ID

This may sound really obvious, but sometimes these are the kinds of things people forget! Your tickets are clearly important because they are the thing that will get you into the festival. These days music festivals will provide digital copies of tickets, but it is also a good idea to print off your tickets if you can, so if something goes wrong for some reason you have another copy of the tickets.

Your ID is also important as you may need to verify yourself before entering the music festival, as well as this if you are looking to purchase some alcohol, you’ll likely need your ID for that as well.

Your ID usually sits in your wallet but if you are changing outfits and purses etc. you might be bringing something different, so don’t forget to take your ID out and put it inside whatever you are taking with you (this is probably only really applicable to females!).

Music festival survival guide tips and tricks
Photo: Wendy Wei, Pexels.

Avoid wearing white

Almost every major music festival is outside, that means dirt, grass and everything in between. Mix that in with people walking around and kicking up that dirt etc, as well as potentially sweaty bodies rubbing together – wearing white probably isn’t the best option – especially if you have bought/ are going to buy a new outfit for the occasion!

White clothes and shoes will stain and leave marks very easily and if disaster strikes early in the day you’ll have to wear those stained clothes for many hours to come. Also think about the fact that you will probably be sitting on the floor at some point during the day (maybe while eating lunch), no one wants massive marks on the back of their white pants!

Check the weather and dress accordingly

Checking the weather is one thing, but actually dressing properly is another! If it is going to be cold, bring a jacket! If it is going to be hot make sure you also bring sunglasses and wear sunscreen. If it is going to rain bring an umbrella (if you are aloud) and a poncho.

Yes, a big part of music festivals is the fashion, but if you are so uncomfortable because you didn’t dress appropriately then you won’t really enjoy the music that much. Also, seeing though most festivals are outside you will be exposed to the weather for the entire day. Make sure you check if the weather is likely to change throughout the course of the day.

Bring a water bottle

You are probably going to be out all day, dancing/ singing/ walking around, that can be very thirsty work! While you may be drinking a bit of alcohol as well, it is important that you remain properly hydrated throughout the entire day – especially if it is a hot day. No one wants to get heat stroke and exhausted from the sun.

Some music festivals these days will take water bottles off you on your way in, especially if they are already opened as they are concerned about people bringing alcohol into the venue. If this is the case then look to purchase a bottle of water as soon as you enter the venue so you don’t forget about it!

Plan a meeting point

Sometimes your group may want to split up and go do different things and see different musicians. If your group does split up you should have a meeting point planned. Remember at music festivals there are a lot of people, so even if you didn’t intentionally plan to split up for a bit, you may still end up getting separated.

Therefore it could be a good idea to plan a meeting point from the get go, so you can just send a quick message to your friends saying you’ll meet at the meeting point. You don’t want to have to call your friends with the mountain of people and have them say “Oh I’m just over here”, not helpful!

Bring hand sanitiser

Music festivals can be pretty messy places, so it could be a good idea to bring hand sanitiser with you to ensure you don’t pick up any nasty germs and get sick for the next couple of days. There are plenty of places you can pick up a mini bottle of hand sanitiser that will keep your hands germ free for the entire day.

The public toilets are on a whole other level at music festivals and can make you feel pretty icky. Not to mention the nasty narcotics that could be present. Also half the time you find they have run out of soap! Hand sanitiser is extremely useful in these situations, especially if you are also going to be eating food.





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