Red Tan Takes on Domestic Abuse with New Hit Single “Toxic”


If you haven’t heard of Red Tan yet, chances are you will in the near future. The rising star from Manila has recently been featured on a Times Square billboard, becoming the first independent Filipina artist to do so. But the young pop sensation isn’t just focused on fame on fortune – she is focused on bringing positivity in the world, especially in a year that has been so difficult for everybody.

Red Tan’s new single, “Toxic,” highlights an uncomfortable but incredibly important topic – domestic violence. While the subject matter is painful, the song puts forward an empowering message for women and children who have suffered at the hands of an abusive household. Sonically, the tune is catchy yet brooding, while the lyrics provide hope for the future and encourage victims to remain strong in the face of adversity. This may be a pop tune, but the message behind it is anything but light.

100% of the proceeds from Spotify streams of “Toxic” go to Women’s Aid, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing safety and support to victims of domestic violence across the United Kingdom. With the pandemic still affecting the world, Women’s Aid has become an even more important resource as cases of domestic violence have surged in 2020. Many who were silently suffering prior to the pandemic have been put in an even more dismal situation, and Women’s Aid has been a stalwart safe haven for these victims.

Red Tan

About Red Tan

Red Tan was born and raised in the Philippine city of Manila and took an interest in music early in life. By the time she was 16, she was entertaining crowds with her bright, charismatic voice and impressive range. After getting married, Red and her husband shared her dream of bringing her talents to the international music scene.

Tragically, Red’s husband passed away suddenly before they could embark on this journey together. Red struggled with depression and anxiety, finding great difficulty in coping with such a tragic, unexpected loss. After many challenges and much soul-searching, Red knew what she had to do to move forward and honor her husband’s memory. She turned back to music, this time with more commitment than ever before.

Red soon won the Bronze medal at The World Championships of Performing Arts in LA and made a drastic move to London to really focus on her pop career. She quickly found success in the vibrant city, and continued to improve herself and her music, reaching new heights with every song that she put together.

Red has procured a growing fanbase that has been captivated by her beautiful vocal abilities, touching lyrics, and steadfast determination. It hasn’t been an easy road for Red, but she’s proven herself to be strong, compassionate, and influential, and she has seen a charitable opportunity in working with Women’s Aid to help curtail the abundance of tragic situations that are taking place across the United Kingdom.

Listen to the song here:

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