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In the business world, and life in general, it’s easy to rest on our laurels. After all, taking the route least traveled comes with a lot of risks. In business, a poor maneuver can lead to massive financial losses. In life, things can quickly head on a downward spiral if you step out of your comfort zone.

However, being brave enough to push forward and force yourself into new avenues for growth is the only way to reach your max potential.

One man has exemplified this concept in both his business endeavors and personal life: Nnajiugo Nwosu.

Nnajiugo Nwosu has spearheaded the business world with a deep dive into artificial intelligence that can streamline a business’s growth with ease, and more recently, he’s made a push to demonstrate the power of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency trend. However, his life isn’t all business, and he’s faced some major trials that many don’t have the strength or determination to overcome.

With such an impressive resume, Mr. Nnajiugo Nwosu’s story can be more than just inspirational; it can be seen as a valuable lesson on the importance of pushing forward.

Let’s take a look.

Nnajiugo Nwosu: Artificial Intelligence and the Courage to Pursue it

Artificial intelligence is a topic that has made its rounds through various circles for decades. In the past, it was more or less the center of sci-fi films and friendly discussion. Then, it entered a more formal stage, and it became a key area of speculation and testing within the scientific and computer programming sectors.

Despite the vast number of hurdles, moral dilemmas, and technological setbacks, artificial intelligence eventually became a reality, to an extent, across multiple industries.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone has been willing to adopt it. While a lot of companies are willing to use archaic forms of AI to process menial tasks, actually adopting it in truly meaningful ways isn’t as popular; let alone investing in its development specifically for business purposes.

There are a few reasons for this.

Financial Investment:

Think about the last time you bought a new computer. If you went for the most technologically advanced option available, you probably paid several times what you would have paid for a run-of-the-mill option. That’s because as new tech comes out, it’s extremely expensive. It doesn’t begin to lower in value until new methods of manufacturing it efficiently is developed, and by then, it’s often nearly outdated. That’s just how the tech world works.

Now, imagine that on a large scale that can potentially rewrite how businesses operate and change the world as we know it. The costs can be astronomical, and there’s no guarantee that every push is going to lead to worthwhile rewards.

This keeps AI development more or less restricted to the highly courageous, or in most cases, the world’s top companies.


For many businesses, resources are micromanaged to the point that any deviation from the status quo can have potentially disastrous results. So, implementing something as big as AI without a clear-cut plan and minimal risk is off the table for many would-be adopters.

Beyond the obvious financial risk, the poor performance of a new system, or the incompatibility of legacy systems with the new addition, can slow or halt productivity, taking an otherwise tried and proven business model and chucking wrenches into its gears.

The Fear of New Technology:

This isn’t a major factor at this point. While AI has become a real form of tech, it’s not exactly the super-advanced tech capable of making the scientific community’s nightmares come true. It’s not truly intelligent, and it is restricted to its programming.

However, in some circles, the moral dilemma surrounding AI does make certain business owners a bit hesitant to implement it.

Nnajiugo Nwosu Pushes Past Those Hurdles

Not only does Nnajiugo Nwosu see the value of AI in the business world, but he’s also actively working to make it a standard tool for businesses in the African continent.

As a mentor and business advisor, Nnajiugo Nwosu has leveraged his exorbitant time with the tech field to provide businesses with practical guidance in the implementation of AI technology for marketing purposes. AI can identify and predict trends and demographic responses far more accurately and quickly than human marketing experts, and it removes the slow, methodical approach that current methods rely on, speeding up productivity and allowing for more consistent results across the board.

This push has made Nnajiugo Nwosu a rising figure in the tech and business worlds, and his work to get past the initial challenges of adopting new, highly complex, technology is driving a shift in both sectors. He’s even built partnerships to further develop AI business solutions that will soon impact business processes in Africa.

In addition to helping the business world adopt such a helpful technology, Nnajiugo Nwosu has also mentored up-and-coming business professionals with advice on developing their business models, which routes they should take moving forward, and finding solutions to the unique challenges their businesses are likely to face.

Nnajiugo Nwosu: The Crypto Surge

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Over the last couple of years, crypto has made headlines for everything from making average first-time investors millionaires overnight, to the more controversial aspects of a decentralized currency.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, crypto is making waves, and businesses are taking notice.

Why Crypto is Making Waves:

Traditional fiat currency and the means to digitally transfer it has worked just fine for quite some time. So, why is crypto so appealing?

Well, it runs off blockchain technology. Blockchain is open source, highly secure, and far more flexible than other options. On a single blockchain, hundreds of digital currencies can be bought, sold, traded, and tracked with ease. It can even accommodate non-currency digital data in a manner that is far more secure than the methods currently in use.

So far, this has had a huge impact on the investment world. For those who are at least a little tech-savvy and understand the basics of investing finances, the crypto boom has proven to provide secure, high-stakes, trades that even relatively new investors can benefit from in the short term; a stark contrast to the slow-burn and lack of accessibility the stock market is known for.

Now that amateur investors and seasoned pros alike have shown just how flexible and productive blockchain technology and its associated currency are, the business world is finding ways to combine blockchain tech with their legacy business models.

So far, this has cropped up in the form of new payment methods, entire blockchain-based platforms, and ways to hold stakes in a company’s failure or success.

How Nnajiugo Nwosu is Pushing it Further:

Right now, you can see examples of blockchain technology entering the business sector. Paypal now allows you to trade crypto right from your Paypal account, Minds has built a social media platform that’s completely secure and private via a blockchain core, and some companies allow you to pay for your purchases directly from your crypto wallet.

However, that’s not nearly all that blockchain technology can offer, and a lot of businesses are either rushing forward with every trend, or they’re hesitating to adopt the new tech in ways that may leave them obsolete in the years to come.

Nnajiugo Nwosu isn’t doing either of those things. With his deep understanding of tech and business, he and his company, Chamco Projects, are exploring the business uses of crypto in meaningful ways.

Right now, Chamco Projects is exploring the possibilities for new, unique ways to process business transactions on both B2B and B2C fronts, securing the transferring of data via blockchain networks, and promoting the adoption of crypt-currency in Africa to further its business sector in truly meaningful ways.

Taking Control of His Own Life:

Looking at Nwosu’s involvement in the business world, and the ways he is actively contributing towards changing the way we see everyday business operations, it might be easy to assume he’s always been well-rounded and more or less unstoppable. However, this final part of Nnajiugo Nwosu’s journey demonstrates the impact such dedication can have on one’s personal life, and it highlights the fact that sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is important for much more than just success in your endeavors; it can be crucial to survival.

Overweight and On the Verge of Death:

At one point, Nnajiugo Nwosu was far above the ideal weight for his size and body makeup. This is common for a lot of people who find themselves taking the helm in the business world, and the cause can be different for anyone.

In Nwosu’s case, he was 247 pounds and developing Type-2 Diabetes. Had he stayed in his comfort zone and allowed himself to push over that boundary, another innovative and courageous spirit in the business world would have been lost shortly after.

Nnajiugo Nwosu didn’t do that, though. Like his approach in the business world, Nnajiugo Nwosu saw opportunities where others would have hesitated. He worked with his doctor and dedicated himself to not only shedding weight but to live a healthier life far outside of the comfort zone that put him in that situation.

The amount of strength and dedication required to completely turn your physical health around on such short notice is incredible, and Nnajiugo Nwosu managed to exemplify both of those traits.

Push Forward, Take Calculated Risks, and Embrace Change

One of the biggest lessons Nwosu’s story teaches us that regardless of what aspect of life we’re talking about, the ability to push forward and accept change is the key to progression.

Without taking calculated risks and exiting the comfort zone, businesses refusing to adopt new tech may become obsolete very soon. In Nwosu’s case, not leaving his comfort zone would have deprived tomorrow’s business elites of a headstrong mentor with the ability to shape the future of business on several levels.







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