The Tennessee Werewolves – New Music Video “American Dream”


The Tennessee Werewolves are a family trio that’s bringing their carefree, outlaw spirit to the world of country music. With a mix of Southern outlaw style and rockstar attitude, the high-energy band has continued to gain momentum.

They’ve recently dropped a new music video for their track “American Dream”, and below the band answered some questions about it.

First of all, the video looks great, and the song really matches the location – where did you shoot it?

This is our fifth music video, but it’s our first one we’ve filmed in a ghost town … that’s something we’ve always wanted to do. It’s been a long time in the making, and the director’s vision was exactly what we had in mind.

What was it like working on the music video? Did any of you have any acting experience going into it?

The three of us have always had a love for acting, whether its theatre or the television business, and you might find a werewolf in the process along the way.

We believe acting & music go hand in hand with expressing our art.

Dolly Parton is a writing and musical genius and has had her fair share of being in the acting world, she is someone we greatly admire and strive to be like.

Regarding the song itself, how did “American Dream” come about?

American Dream comes from the reality of life. Nobody’s life is perfect, and the grass can look greener on the other side of what we believe is the American Dream.

Sometimes people mask their emotions from their fears of failing at life, with alcohol and drugs etc.

We all like to escape, we’ve all been judged at times…but sometimes we need to face our fears, and go through life without living in a haze.

We must become happy within ourselves first and not rely on others for our happiness or rely on the idealism of an American Dream. You never know what greatness lies behind the next door you open.

The video really showcases your chemistry as a band – what’s your working relationship like behind the scenes?

We are family, so we fight hard, love hard, work hard together and protect each other from ourselves – we are the three musketeers!

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the premiere of the music video – what’s the reception been like from your fans?

I think the fans are happy to get a real song with substance behind it and see a video that shows not everything is cherry covered gumdrops and rainbows all the time.

Sometimes life is hard lonely annoying, and we get F$&@ed up from it, just breathe and smile we’re all going through it. Especially this year with a pandemic, where everyone in the world feels helpless and held back. I think substance abuse and mental health has been on a high this 2020 many people feel lost and alone. But we want our fans to know we’re here we love you and we feel the pain too, but don’t lose hope, don’t lose yourself. Don’t get lost in the booze or the pharmaceutical world – you’re ok.

Our true fans know we’re the deal and our new fans are digging the blunt reality of it all – what you see with us is what you get.

And that’s refreshing in a world of executive cookie-cutter acts with the same music, same style, same lyrics, same look musicians.

What can fans expect next from The Tennessee Werewolves?

Expect to be elevated …we push the bar with our sound and what we do. We like surprising our fans and keeping them wanting more.

It’s only up from here, we’re moving mountains.

We’re the real deal!

Thank you for your time!

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