Floods and storms in Greece

The German newspaper “Tagschau” wrote in an article: For the second time in a few weeks, the port city of Voles in Greece was flooded after heavy rain. The streets were flooded and electricity was cut off in many places. A helicopter crashed in the storm zone.

A helicopter crashed into the sea in the north of the Greek island of Oboea. ERTnews news channel reported that two people have disappeared, quoting the police. Search and rescue operation has started. According to ERTnews, this helicopter was moving towards the port city of Voles, Greece. Currently, there is no information about the cause of the plane crash.

Residents in flooded areas were unable to leave their homes as streets were flooded, carrying rocks, branches, trash, trash cans, and even cars to the sea. The mayor of this region told the ERT news channel: Human lives are in danger. The area is in danger. 80% of the city is still without electricity. In many places, the water is stagnant, the drainage pipes are damaged and people cannot go to work.

Since the severe flooding in early September, people have worked tirelessly to clean up the damage, mud and debris, but so much water simply cannot be drained. The “Elias” phenomenon also hit the northern half of Oboya Island and caused floods and landslides.

Firefighters were brought in from other parts of Greece, and the army was deployed with boats and crawler vehicles to rescue people from their homes.

From September 4 to 8, a severe storm occurred in central Greece. Heavy rains in many areas covered villages and cities. The amount of rainfall reached more than 700 liters per square meter in less than 24 hours.





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