Prohibition of using Apple products in 6 countries

Last week, the Chinese government announced in writing that the use of iPhones and other foreign technological devices in government offices is prohibited. The Chinese government did not officially announce the reason for this decision, but experts in this field believe that due to the sanctions imposed by the United States against China, the Chinese government is worried about spying on government officials through these tools. On the other hand, we should not forget that the Chinese government has invested in the development of its semiconductor industry, especially chip production.

This investment happened while the American government made great efforts to limit the production of chips in China, but the Huawei company, which has the support of the Chinese government, showed it by releasing the new generation of its phones and also introducing its powerful chips. These sanctions on the technology of this country are useless.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that when the use of foreign mobile phones and Apple products was banned in China, Huawei was able to reach a good position in product quality even without using Google services. Because currently the use of Google services in Huawei products is completely banned and all the services provided to users in Huawei phones are services approved by the Chinese government and Huawei.

In this way, the use of domestic mobile phones in China will not be considered a threat to the government, and since the main service platform in this country’s phones is defined under the supervision of the government, the risk of spying on government employees will not be threatened.

Apple shares fall due to iPhone ban in China After the news of the iPhone ban in China, Apple’s stock fell about 4% on Thursday, and the total loss of Apple stock reached about 200 billion dollars. . In addition, the companies that were parties to the contract with Apple and are somehow suppliers of Apple parts, such as Broadcom, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments fell between 1.4 and 4.7 percent.

Some Wall Street analysts also believe that with the release of Huawei’s new phone, sales of Apple products will be seriously damaged, and considering that this phone is completely designed by China, special conditions are expected for its purchase by Chinese citizens. be provided and this will not affect people’s acceptance of local Chinese products.

According to a report published by CNBC, the restrictions imposed by China on Apple will cause international tensions for Apple, and since China has a market share of 18% of Apple’s total sales and about 394 billion. The dollar is Apple’s income in this country, it is expected that Apple will suffer a very heavy blow.

In addition, the ban on the use of Apple products for employees will affect the company’s sales in China by about 5%, but we must not forget that this ban for employees will signal to ordinary people and employees’ families that there is a possibility of a general ban on the use of this brand in China.

Apart from China, which has officially banned the use of iPhones, in some other countries officials or citizens do not use iPhones.

A few months ago, Russia decided to ban the use of Apple products due to the disclosure of an espionage operation in Russia with the help of these products. Since then, the use of Apple products for business purposes has been banned, and Russia has announced that an alternative to Apple products should be sought.

In Vietnam, there are very strict import rules and only goods that are approved by the government will enter the country. iPhones are not approved by the Vietnamese government and buying and selling iPhones is prohibited in this country.

In India, after import, goods must be approved by the government and have certain criteria for supply. Currently, Apple has ignored the criteria of the Indian government and Apple is not officially allowed to sell its products in India.

Officially, the import and sale of iPhones in Brazil is not prohibited, but the government of this country imposes a very high tax on foreign products, this tax is so high that many people restrict the purchase of Apple products.

Indonesia has a strict law for the phone registry, and to get the necessary registry certificate, Apple has not been able to meet the government’s expectations. Currently, the official sale of iPhone is prohibited in this country, but this brand is illegally traded in Indonesia.






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