Industrial photography versus advertising photography from the language of Mohammad Mahdi Safari, aka Otiner

Mohammad Mehdi Safari, nicknamed Otiner, is a photographer, videographer, image editor, editor, teacher of the art of photography and videography and content production. He started his photography career in 2014 and after a short time he was able to establish his own photography studio named otiner studio.

In his essay, he said: “Industrial photography is often more relaxed in its framing so that nothing takes the viewer’s eye away from the product. As a result, the lighting, style, and background are generally somewhat neutral. However, in In advertising photography, framing is often bolder, more innovative, and more stylish because it’s not just about viewers seeing the product, it’s about creating certain emotions.
That is why the techniques are also different in each of these photography styles. For example, an industrial photographer doesn’t want to use blinding lighting packages in a shoot because it affects the product.

This is not the case with advertising photographers, who have more creative freedom to interpret how to present products, services, lifestyles and ideas photographically. Bold colors, multi-faceted lighting, and sharp contrasts between shadow and light are all tools in the advertising photographer’s vast arsenal.
The final consumer in industrial photography is different from the advertising photography industry. Generally, industrial photographers take photos that are used in retail business or solely for promotional purposes. However, companies that are either looking to sell products or are looking to market them to a new audience usually seek the help of advertising photographers.

For example, if you own a comic book store and want to showcase your new artist showroom, you should hire an industrial photographer to promote the feature. “On the other hand, if you just won an auction to buy a rare issue of a popular comic book, you would hire a promotional photographer to take pictures of the issue to entice viewers to come and buy it.”


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