RBT Distribution and the Future of WD’s


Wholesale distribution is a rapidly evolving industry, demanding a new business approach to seize opportunities and navigate changes effectively. Wholesalers are now trying to understand the forces shaping distribution and business development. In response to retail industry disruptions, some retailers are exploring roads that lead to increased growth and cost reduction. However, they grapple with challenging dilemmas:

  • Which mergers and acquisitions will drive growth?
  • What additional products or brands can I incorporate to expand my offerings?
  • How can I address margin erosion?
  • Is there a way to simplify SG&A?

Observation has shown only a few have evaluated the disruptive forces within distribution and then contemplated more crucial questions, such as:

  • How can I leverage new digital innovations?
  • What has been the impact of Covid on the need for digitalization?
  • How can information technology support my wholesale distribution business?
  • What new business models can be implemented through digitization?
  • How do leaders in other industries use new digital technologies to gain a competitive edge?

One of the few companies that has decided to explore these more important questions is RBT Distribution – a relatively new tech-savvy, two-step Warehouse Distributor (WD). RBT Distribution has emerged as one of the fastest growing competitors in the Automotive, Outdoor, & Hardware industries. We recently had a conversation with their remarkably young CEO, Tanvir Osman, to learn some of his views on these subjects.

According to Osman, “Reaching an inflection point doesn’t always have negative consequences; rather, it disrupts the existing state of affairs. The impact on sales can be either positive or negative. How distributors evaluate their options around the factors affecting distribution and how they decide to move forward will determine the path they will follow after the inflection point.”

On W.D. upheavals and inflection, Mr. Osman shared the following comments:
“The wholesale distribution landscape is undergoing significant changes, driven by a multitude of factors. Accelerating digitalization, intensifying competition, evolving customer needs, innovative products, constant disruptions, and rising customer expectations are among the most critical elements shaping this dynamic landscape. Traditionally, wholesale distribution involved careful geographic expansion into new markets, product diversification into complementary groups, and strategic acquisitions. However, new competitors rarely emerge within the WD space that leverage new business models, rapid advancements, technology adoption, and dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. These disruptions characterize the interference occurring at the inflection point.”

Interference in Aftermarket Wholesale Distribution: A Foundation for the Future

RBT Distribution

The future has this in common with the present: successful companies prioritize customer-centricity. Despite all the disrupting factors in today’s distribution sector, “the customer always comes first” belief system still holds true today.

David Moffett, the VP of Sales at RBT Distribution (https://rbtdistribution.com/), offers valuable insight on the subject and stated “Future distribution companies need to shift their focus from merely meeting customer needs to predicting and shaping them. They should actively offer solutions to problems that customers may not even realize exist. Moreover, future WDs should understand that true innovation is essential for effectively engaging consumers and executing the value chain. Traditional approaches to inventory management, logistics, and pricing can be reimagined by employing advanced analytics and embracing technological changes.”

RBT Distribution is quickly becoming the fastest-growing distributor in the United States, representing some of the finest brands in the automotive industry, including Bubba Rope, Quik Latch, FOBO, Lucas Oil, Brad Penn, RotoPax, Gaither Tools, WindZone, Evans Coolant, Race Gas, XS Power, Optimate, Wavian, Leer Products and many more! To learn more about this remarkable company that is taking the nation by storm, visit rbtdistribution.com.





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