The hairdresser of the Turkish Parliament became a candidate for the parliamentary elections

The hairdresser of the Turkish Parliament announced that he will be the candidate of the ruling “Justice and Development Party” in the May 14th parliamentary elections.

Arslan Mumtaz, who is the head of hairdressers in the Turkish parliament, said: I am in the heart of politics because I am the hairdresser of the parliament.

Arslan, who has resigned from his post, added: “I have made my decision and got the approval of our elders…no one should doubt that I am the representative of my party and our president in the best possible way.” I will become Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I will be useful without a doubt.” Arsalan further said that he started his political activity in 1984.

He also said about his election program: Barber shop owners are facing many problems, and when he gets into the parliament, he will solve their problems and represent them in the best possible way!

Mumtaz Arslan started his professional career at the age of 12, and in 2003, he started his career as a hairdresser in Parliament. He mentioned that he was the hairdresser of a large group of Turkish politicians, including: Suleiman Demirel, Bulent Ejwit, Najmuddin Erbakan and many other political figures.


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