The possibility of Syria’s return to the Arab League existed

The Saudi Foreign Minister said that with increasing contacts with Syria, it is likely to provide the country’s return to the Arab League.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Tuesday that increasing contacts with Syria will probably lead to the return of the country to the Arab League after isolation of more than five years as it improves its relations; But now this is an early step examination.

Syria was rejected by the Arab countries following the unfortunate events of the year. The same year, the Arab League suspended Syria’s membership in the union, and many Arab countries called on their diplomats from Damascus.

He also of the importance of wider disputes between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and said there is a strong partnership between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Should we agree on everything in the long run? Reports in this area are exaggerated and usually rely on non -aggravated sources that do not understand the depth of these relationships.


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