Kilo House’s Halloween album, The Witching Hour, is a truly bewitching bass music experience


Having teased his fans with a tasty Halloween treat last month, Kilo House has delivered with his first full album The Witching Hour. The album is packed with 6 heavy bass tracks that are a real flex of Kilo’s production talent.

The intro track xXx Files perfectly establishes the creepy yet playful vibe Kilo House seems to be going for. The track samples the iconic X Files intro theme, except it’s taken to a much darker and, of course, much louder level once the bass drops. It’s really an excellent idea for an intro since the melody being sampled is easily recognizable to everyone and draws in listeners who might not be accustomed to Kilo’s music.

Kilo House

The first full track, Demons doesn’t mess around, coming in fast and heavy. The percussion really drives the track forward, and it’s vocal mixing of samples from the film Aliens has some neat tricks on display. Kilo seems to have chopped up samples of Bill Paxton’s classic portrayal of frightened space marine Pvt. Hudson and set it to a beat. This was really unique in our opinion and is one of the highlights of the album. To us, it sort of encapsulates the spirit of the project – classic horror vibes explored through modern bass music.

The next track, R.U.N, is something that Kilo’s fans will already be familiar with and it’s placement in the album makes a lot of sense. The track’s tone and construction fit the vibe, and it’s also simply a killer trap track. R.U.N is certainly one of the best tracks Kilo House has produced in 2020.

Following this, The Worst Nightmare Of All is a track that makes great use of a classic trap music instrument – the horn. The track is titled after the classic line from Hellraiser, which it samples, and has a really heavy sawing melody that has a cathedral-type kind of echo to it.

5th on the list is a track titled The Night He Came Home. This track is certainly a great show of Kilo’s gift when it comes to arranging percussive elements, and the build-up towards the second drop will give you goosebumps.

Bonus track Mr. Sandman samples Pat Ballard’s iconic song about the folklore figure of the same name and is a comparatively light-hearted, but appropriate, end to the album. This track combines a lot of our favorite bits from the rest of the album, with excellent vocal mixing, percussion, and bassline.

Kilo House The Withing Hour Cover

The Witching Hour is an album that, at first, comes across as a cheeky bass music homage to horror movie pop culture – but it’s really much more than that. The album shows off some really impressive production tricks, all thanks to the next-level talent of Kilo House.

The Witching Hour is certainly going to be the soundtrack to many an EDM lover’s Halloween this year.

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