Some important points of investing in real estate, Samieh Firoozi speech and comments

  • Starting the research Although you may want a real estate agency to help you in buying or how to invest, but you should enter this market with a little research and prior knowledge to invest your money. Obviously, going to a real estate agency to find the right land will put unnecessary pressure on you to buy it; So, the most important thing is to impartially look at the statistics of properties and neighborhoods within the framework of your capital and do the necessary investigations.
  • Measure everything! The quality of the area where you buy property or land has a direct impact on the success or failure of the investment and predicting the reception of people and companies towards renting or buying your property. For example, if you invest in a neighborhood near one of the country’s universities, you will have the chance that after construction, your empty units will be filled with students and professors who live far from the university. If you have bought a land near this university, you can even make it a boarding house or prepare a sports field for students’ weekends.

Draw a line around the red areas! No one wants to live in a crime-ridden area. Refer to the police or to the exact statistics of crimes in different neighborhoods of the city. Do not try to ask the residents of the desired neighborhood about this because they never question their place of residence. You should go to statistics and rates of vandalism, very serious crimes, petty crimes and recent events (crimes that have recently happened in that area). You should also inquire about the frequency of police presence in that area. Also know that being close to your police station and police station is a big advantage and somehow guarantees the economic security of your land.

  • Monitor job opportunities Neighborhoods with growing job opportunities have the ability to attract more people for residential and office rent. If you have noticed that a large company is building or moving to this area, you can be sure that a large number of workers or employees will be added to the area, and this may change the price of your housing or land.
  • Take a look at the area! You should check the neighborhood scores. For example, what facilities the neighborhood has and more importantly what facilities it needs. If your land or property is located in a place that receives a good rating in terms of access to recreational, sports or cultural places, the value of your land or property will undoubtedly increase. Even if you want to start construction on the ground, knowing the possibilities will help you in determining the purpose of construction. That is, deficiencies open a way for you to choose the best use of your land.

Building permits and future development. Having a correct view of the state of the city’s expansion and possible changes in the state of roads, streets and neighborhoods will help you in choosing the right land and property. Municipal planning departments have information about new urban developments. Recently, a detailed plan has been approved to provide the same information. Refer to these statistics and information; If there are or will be many new apartments, parks, or shopping centers in your area, it is an indication that the area is likely to have good growth. However, be careful with serious developments as sometimes too much development in an area can take away useful space for further construction.

  • Long list of houses for sale or rent in a neighborhood; alarm?! If you come across a long and unusual list of houses for sale or rent in a place, there are two situations, either one is seasonal and fleeting, or one is permanent and, as the famous saying goes, “the name of that neighborhood has gone bad” and No one wants to settle there. Be sure to check these two conditions before buying or renting a property.
  • Find out the rent rate of the area. Get information about the amount of rent in the area where you are going to buy land or residential property; Because the amount of rents in that area may not be enough to compensate your taxes and expenses and therefore you will suffer. Therefore, you should do more research before buying land or building a residential building in that area. You may need to consult with experts about converting your land into a place other than residential houses.





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