How Fashion Can Change Mental Health: Tips From Christopher Senekki


Christopher Senekki is an ardent follower in the world of men’s fashion. He’s been following gentlemen fashion styles for years and has become a staunch supporter of using fashion as a medium to enhance mental health outcomes. Fashion shouldn’t be treated as merely attire or clothing – it should be viewed as an extension of your personality, an embodiment of your values and beliefs. In male circles, mental health outcomes have deteriorated significantly in some countries. While suicide rates are dropping in many countries, the numbers remain consistently high, reflecting the need for greater social awareness of men’s mental health. Thankfully, fashion can be a platform for change and acceptance, which is why it is becoming a more integral component of favourable mental health policies. Here’s how style can help!

Increases your confidence levels

One of the best reasons why fashion is crucial to mental health is its role in bolstering confidence and self-esteem levels. For all people, both men and women, then our clothing emulates our mood and goals. We all want to look good, and having a great fashion sense can improve one’s confidence. Receiving compliments and positive feedback on your clothing will serve as a casual reminder that you have value and worth.

Can help with socialising

Another benefit of having a strong fashion sense is it can help you socialise – both with friends and strangers. Wearing something vibrant, unique and appealing can be a great conversation starter. Your friends and fellow guests might ask who designed the outfit, where you purchased it and other details about the garment. If you are someone that gets nervous in large gatherings or struggles with conversation starters, wearing a classy, elegant suit or shirt will go a long way. By the same logic, your fashion choices can also help you blend into the crowd and appear “incognito”. If you’re not up for a night of long conversations, then your clothing can help you remain minimalist and unassuming!

Encourages brain activity and creativity

As echoed by Christopher Senekki, getting involved in gentleman’s fashion can be flattering for young men wanting to tap into their creative side and explore new outfits and looks. If you’re struggling to “find yourself” or haven’t been able to find a style that expresses your identity, then experimenting with a range of authentic and classical men’s styles can help you find your fashion brand. Knowing who you are and what you stand for breeds confidence, class and awareness.

Develop a genuine fashion style

For Christopher, classical men’s fashion styles bring a certain level of luxury, class and sophistication that other forms of clothing can’t match. When it comes to vintage pieces, their timelessness and universality make them appealing and desirability to most men. Being genuine and keeping up to date with the current fashion trends will improve your state of mind, your appreciation of different styles and perspective of the world. You’re allowed to spoil yourself and feel good about who you are as a person.

No substitute for real therapy

Wearing nice clothes to exude confidence and style is no substitute for talking to someone. This is something that Christopher Senekki reflects on often, having gone through periods of struggle and turmoil in his own life. There is no replacement for genuine, professional help; so, if you are feeling down or are dissatisfied with your life, reach out to someone. It could be a family member, a close friend or a professional. Men’s mental health is evolving in terms of its reach and awareness; however, there is still more to be done. Fashion is a chapter, but there is far more to the story.





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