Hip-Hop artist Drippy Heartbreak evolves into Drippy London with name change


Drippy Heartbreak, best known for his album Freeist Banz, has recently changed their artist name to Drippy London. For fans who understand the origin of his name, this is a natural evolution of his philosophy regarding himself and the music he produces.

Drippy himself describes the name change as a positive evolution of his persona as a hip-hop artist, and of himself as a person. The ‘drip’ is how he processes negative emotions, and ‘London’ is symbolic of the capital of one’s self – with the real-world city of London being the capital of a country.

It’s somewhat of a transition from self-reflection, to self-confidence and self-realisation. With the word ‘heartbreak’ having a negative connotation, the name change represents a forward-thinking and positivity focused change in direction for the artist.

While Drippy Heartbreak was an important step in acknowledging and conquering negative emotions, Drippy London is a reflection of a soul who has healed themself, and others, through their music. While they will still be casually referred to as Drippy by most fans, the artist has greater confidence in themself, and a will no doubt explore this new outlook in new music to come.





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