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Kiss PR Story is a storytelling firm in the cloud (software as a service) that shows the ineptitude of public relations firms.  KissPR team of storytellers focuses on using storytelling to improve corporate and personal brand identities using a 9 step plan. In the heart of Dallas, Kiss PR Story was founded by Qamar Zaman and his daughter Ana Zaman after his near-death experience on September 12, 2004, during hurricane IVAN. Kiss PR Story teams are committed to sharing the amazing stories of their clients, whether they be successes, failures, moments of struggle or triumph. For nearly two decades, Kiss PR Story has been at the heart of some of the most inspirational and heart-warming company stories.

Thankfully, Qamar was able to take some time away from Kiss PR Story and answer some questions we had.

Hi Qamar. Why did you decide to establish Kiss PR Story? Were struggle and hardship essential to the story behind Kiss PR? 

You bet. KissPR Story was established due to an evolution. I use to publish content/press releases on too news distribution & press wires sites. They were good at first to me and I spend a lot of money with them but I was always a deal ($$) for them. Worst customer services and salespeople would lie. When we are pushed to a wall as small business, we either cry or do something about it. When I talked to my peers, I found them having a same or simiar issue. For me, my heros are my customers / clients and I wanted them to have a platform so regardless of price resistance, they can tell their stories. KISS PR Story was born.

In your view, what are the top three benefits of using Kiss PR Story as the mediator for releasing press releases? 

  1. We tell brand stories. If the story does not create an impact, it is an expensive ad. We do just that. We help content creators tell a story and use our press release distribution partners amplify the story.
  2. Authority. We help build: Know, like and trust for small price. A musician can create his song/album and use our service to get brand visibility earning trust. Trust helps them get verified on Instagram, get a Google knowledge panel and get featured in bid media.
  3. Price. We keep the price affordable for anyone who has limited mola.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your operations? What have you done to survive the economic downturn? 

It was the best thing, lol. We went from Paid to “FREE”. This was not a marketing strategy. We did this to help creators be found. We rapidly deployed a FREE press release fund and given over $450K in press relasess.  Because of this, we were trusted and people liked our approach of being a giver.  This has resulted in a lot of goodwill for us.

This resulted in saving many businesses and lives, perhaps!

In your opinion, what are the essential things to producing an effective and successful press release statement? 

  1. Storytellig – Make the customer HERO of your story
  2. Educate, inspire and entertain. Make it fun.
  3. If it smells like a sales pitch, your story will die.

Do you offer clients different plans or packages? Can you describe the key differences between these plans? 

We start with “FREE”. No matter what. The only criterion is quality. Free distribution has to be about COVID-19 and how the business owners are helping. If they are a giver, I will always give them.

  1. No marketing!
  2. Paid programs range from $49 and up.

The critical difference is campaign type. For large awareness, it costs a little more.

What have you learned about business, SEO or digital marketing while operating Kiss PR Story? 

I grew up in a business family. My dad was a high street banker. He was CEO of a bank so I grew in business culture. Business comes to me as second nature. By qualification, I am programmer with a computer science degree to code like no one can. Because I am a business-minded visionary, I am not a geek. I solve problems. Cool is not adequate for me. I want to solve probems that solve lifes so kids, pets and people do not go hungry. If I can solve that, I have served for my prupse and that is my legend I want to be remembered by.

What are your plans for Kiss PR Story’s future? 

Just like clean water is not a right of few, but a necessity “everyone”, I want to give “free” stories to anyone who can use my platform to create awareness, resulting in putting food on the table!. I want to offer 3 x value to paid releases.

Thank you Qamar for your time!
You can get to know Qamar Zaman or at for a FREE Story.






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