3 important things about Amer Safaee that you don’t know


Born in Afghanistan, Amer Safaee is a highly competent businessperson, with specialities in information technology and science. He has over 15 years’ worth of invaluable industry experience and can work both individually and on a broader team. For anyone interested in Amer Safaee’s career achievements and contribution to the industry, here are several vital things you should know about him.

He founded Bama Security Group

In 2005, Amer founded a company called Bama Security, which is a network security, software and hardware services provider operating across Asia and the Middle East. He is still currently the CEO. For over a decade, Amer’s key responsibilities have been to plan and coordinate all foreign commercial affairs, negotiate and administer contracts with suppliers and vendors, oversee tasks carried out by forwarders, monitor shipment loads and logistical constraints, and monitor market research (including competitor analysis, sales strategies, promotional efforts and data gathering).

He has to tale on various roles at once

In the running of Bama Security Group, Amer has had to wear many different hats and manage several aspects of the company simultaneously. This includes researching and leading negotiations with suppliers, supervising logistics, and organising the marketing efforts of his team.

In managing all these elements of his businesses, Amer has had to learn many things through direct experience and therefore has a veteran business mindset. Amer can comfortably take on a variety of roles that are required of him.

His humble beginnings have shaped his work ethic

Amer was born into a low-income family in Daykundi in 1980. He has always had to work hard for everything he has achieved in life, and as a result, this has shaped his work ethic. His core business skills and characteristics include being honest and transparent, demonstrating an ability to work hard, being open to new experiences, embracing teamwork, managing time constraints and being able to delegate effectively.





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