Meghan Krauss Brings Her Latest Release ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’


Meghan Krauss has had a beautifully eclectic and varied career in the musical arts. The Boston-based Seattle native has seen her fair share of challenges and triumphs in her bustling career. If her new single, “This Is Gonna Hurt”, from the singer’s self-titled solo debut is anything to go by – our ears are certainly in for a treat.

This Is Gonna Hurt

The scintillating and fiery vocals are juxtaposed with a simple and elegant tune throughout the track. Meghan’s voice is the driving force and fuel for the song’s unshakeable crescendos and it’s certainly beautiful to hear.

Her smoky delivery is reminiscent of Janis Joplin mixed with Whitney Houston and Cher in different strokes. While these comparisons seem arbitrary, one needs only to hear the track from cover to cover to notice the subtle influences from the greats, intermixed with an entirely new brand of soul in the voice of Meghan Krauss.

The emotive lyrics and simplistic delivery, without too much tuning or overdevelopment, are what make this single soar into the better parts of the experience. There’s never a moment of inauthenticity; with Meghan’s experience and lifelong lessons surely feeding into the creation of this release.

The solo debut album explores each facet of her journey and reflects the roads she’s trodden so far.

The Artist

Meghan Krauss herself is no stranger to the music industry. She’s been a singer since her childhood, eventually evolving into a Rock/American Soul/Pop/R&B artist, that takes shades of each genre and perfectly recreates them into her own unique sound and vibe. Her journey began on the East Coast when she fronted bands like Steal The Sky and HyJinx, before being recruited by guitar maestro and award-winner Greg Howe to be the lead singer for world-renowned alt-rock band Maragold.

Her critics have marveled at her bluesy, jazzy vocals and precise lyrical ability, not to mention her previous release ‘Let Me Introduce Myself Again’, which was one of her breakout hits from the debut album.

One thing is abundantly clear, Meghan Krauss is burning bright, and looks to be creating an entirely new constellation.

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