Features of natural eyebrow implantation

Eyebrow implantation follows rules and features, some of which are:

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One of the most important features of the eyebrow is the growth of eyebrow hair. In general, the eyebrow consists of 3 parts: the head, the trunk, and the tail, and each part of these 3 parts has a different direction of hair growth. The basis for hair placement in these areas should be eyebrow implantation.

Another feature of eyebrows is the angle of eyebrow hair growth. The angle of placement and growth of eyebrow hair is different from the angle of the face, so that the eyebrow lies on the face. The best type of hair to transplant to the eyebrow is the hair behind the ear, which is the angle They correspond to the angle of the eyebrow. In addition, during natural eyebrow implantation, the doctor will plant the hair follicles at an angle to the skin to get a natural appearance.






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