Types of management by Mr. Sadraddin Eslami

Financial management is one of the most important and practical skills in our lives so that we can control our expenses and have no financial problems by following its principles, so we tried to address it in this article. We first gave a comprehensive definition of this issue and then pointed out how we can manage our finances.

In our country, especially in the current economic situation, financial management is more important than earning money.

All of us, depending on different abilities we have, at different times in our lives, make money in different ways, but a problem that almost everybody deals with at least once in their lives, is the issue of managing finances and not being familiar with the principles of financial management.

Having financial management is, in simple terms, a set of techniques that a person can use to strike the right balance of income and spends to create his/her own. That’s why there is a need to manage finances in all societies.





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