How to think musically? From the words of Kiarash Behnampour:

Many people start learning music with the hope of becoming a guitarist, pianist or a successful singer, but the question of many students is that in order to learn an instrument, master it and reach the peak of success.

how much time is needed and is there a way to reduce this time?
He added :
Music, the time required to learn an instrument is different for each person, so that one person may master his favorite instrument after an approximate period of one year, and another person may achieve the same level of mastery after several years.
One of the main issues in developing music, like any other skill, is passion and persistence. If a person is interested in his instrument, the path to success will be smooth and short for him, but if he is not interested in his instrument, it will be difficult for him to bear hardships and the road will be long.
The more time a person spends on practice, the shorter the time to achieve success, but the practice should be positive and aimed at solving problems and improving playing. The important thing is that it will be pointless and useless to constantly repeat a piece without fixing our problems.





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