How To Promote Your Music


You’ve done the hard part of actually creating your music. You have put in your blood, sweat and tears to create something that you think is awesome and you want to share it with the world. Well if you don’t know how to properly get your music out for the world to hear, then all that hard work would have been for nothing.

If you aren’t with a label to start with, then it can be particularly tricky. It is suggested that you investigate the benefits (and negatives) of being signed to a label. If you don’t think it is for you then that’s fine, you’ll have to think of ways you can promotion your own music.

Sometimes artists want to be with a label but there aren’t any out there that want to pick you up. If you do want to be with a label then things, like promoting your music, can become a little be easier. So make sure you keep trying and always send your latest demos to the particular labels you would want to be signed to.

In the meantime it is important to you still try to get you music out there for people to see. Maybe if you build a big enough of a following you will get the attention of a label that way (if that is what you want). You may also have better leverage when negotiating your label’s contract, especially if more than one label want to sign you.

It is important to remember when trying to get your music out into the world, it is not easy feat and it will take some time. But with constant work and promotion you are more likely to reach new people and maybe find that one person who connects with your music and can change it all.

There are certainly some places out there which are better to promote your own music than others, so make sure you are taking advantage of these best places to promote your music, and who knows maybe one day you’ll be listening to your song on the radio:

Social media

Social media is a massive player in getting your music promoted and it can be a really powerful tool. There are lots of different social media platforms available for you to promote your music, so much so that it can be difficult to keep track.

So it is recommended that you do some research on the type of social media platforms your target audience uses the most and promote your music there. That way you aren’t stretching yourself too thin and if anyone comments on your music you can reply to them faster.

But remember, on social media people can say whatever that want about you and your music, no matter if it is true or not. So make sure you keep on top of any mentions of your music to try and ensure you deal quickly with any negativity.

Online music streaming services

These types of streaming services include the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. They are incredibly popular these days and many people use a least one of these platforms to play music all the time. So why would you not considering putting your music on here for all to find.

Each online streaming service has slightly different conditions for promoting your music online; so make sure you read the fine print before you upload your music. Also on these streaming services they create playlists that are available for every user in a particular area, for example “Happy Songs” playlist.

If you are able to get one of your songs into a particular playlist that will certainly do wonders for that song. It also becomes really easy for that user to click on your profile and see what other songs you have available for them to listen to.

Promoting your music
Photo: Ficky, Pexels.

Your own website

Yes, you might not be technically savvy so creating your own website may seem quite daunting. However, like a lot of things in life, there’s a tool for that! Online website platforms like WordPress and Wix can help you easily create (and even help you market) your own website.

It can seem like a lot of work and actually detract from your music and creation process, but having your own website is really important. If you don’t want to do it, and manage the website yourself you can ask and more tech savvy friend who has a bit of free time, or there are plenty of web designers and online marketing agencies that are willing to help (for a price).

Play live regularly

Sometimes the best way to promote your music is face to face. As a musician you should always be looking to land a new gig at bars, clubs, weddings, or anywhere has live music playing. Playing your music with a live audience helps to build connections with real people, and they can see who you really are.

In between or after your set you can ask the audience to follow you on you various social media platforms or even have and hand out cards with all your details on it so people can easily find and contact you. Remember, you never know who is in the audience and it just takes one person to change the direction of your music career.

Music blogs

There are a lot of different music blogs out there, some certainly more popular than others, but you should definitely consider reaching out to some music blogs to see if they will write an article about you and your music.

Here you might have to cast a wide net and see who is interested. But it is important that you send a relatively personalised message to each music blog, as it will improve your chances they will actually reply to your message and hopefully write about you on their site.

Get a strong team

While in the beginning it may just be you, it is still important to surround yourself with positive friends and family that are willing to help and support you, even if that just means going to your live gig and cheering really loudly! It is really important to have that support behind you, as they can bring you up when you are feeling it is all just too hard.

If you have the ability, finding a strong team will help you reach your goals faster, they can also promote your music and help to spread the word. This could even give you more time to focus on creating new music while some others work to promote it.

Use your contacts

Even if you have only been in the music industry for a little while it is easy to quickly build some connections and contacts. Make sure you take advantage of them! Build good relationships will all different sorts of people in the industry as you never know who will be the one to give you your big shot.

If you build solid connections and relationships with the right type of people you might be able to call in a favour to help promote your music or land a sweet gig in front of a big audience.






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