DFD MUSIC Introduce Marketing Services to Independent Artists


1.) Love the headline and tell the audience more about DFD Music and what you do?
We are independent Artists and Producers. We are also Military Veterans also. We provide Marketing Services, Production, Mix & Mastering and Music Business consults to other independent Artists. Everything we offer we have already received a level of success doing it ourselves.

2.) How can an artist look to purchase marketing services or get in contact with you?
The fastest way is through our website which is www.DFDMUSIC.com or hit up our director of operations Deborah Berrios. We provide everything from Production & Engineering to Marketing. Can also follow us on all social media platforms @iamdavischris @therealshanefoster @dfdmusicllc .

3.) How many records have you sold in the last two quarters?

A few thousand records and also few million in streaming, which we are very proud of as an Independent Artist.

4.) How many monthly listeners do you average?
Over 200K combined

5.) What do you hope to get out of your involvement in the music industry?
We want to make dope music for the fans, leave a legacy and make more money.

6.) What is next for you?
Our Single Blood Aint Thicker Than Water dropped already and we also have our album “American Resurrection” that dropped today . It features Grammy Award winning artist Paul Wall from Houston and World Champion sprinter Noah Lyles signed to Addias.





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