Gray & Sons Share Their Favourite Valentine’s Day Jewellery


Want to make a real impression on your lover this Valentine’s Day? Skip the heart-shaped pendants and opt for a Gray & Sons certified special gift.

Operating in Miami Beach, Florida for more than 40 years, Gray & Sons has built a reputation for its premium quality, Swiss-restored luxury watches and jewellery.

Here are their ideas for a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift that will mean the world to your beloved.

For women

Don’t be like every other person out there giving your date a red rose or heart locket – for a gift that really stands out, consider one of the following:

Birthstone ring

For a gift that really shows her how well you know her, buy her a ring with her birthstone on it. Emerald for May, peridot for August, garnet for January and so on. Each stone is believed to have a special meaning, too – sapphires are associated with truth, whereas citrine is associated with joy. She’s sure to be impressed by the effort you put in!

Dangle earrings

Give her something to brag about with a pair of dangle earrings – they’re large and they’re right on the side of her face, meaning everyone is sure to notice them (and she’s sure to tell them the story of where she got them!). Opt for a colourful, boho pair for something truly unique.

Elegant choker

Choker necklaces are all the rage at the moment, but make sure to buy her one that will stand the test of time. Gold, silver or pearl options are all excellent choices as they are classic and will suit a range of outfits, making them highly wearable.

Pearl hoop earrings

Small pearl hoop earrings are elegant, classic and feminine, and make an excellent Valentine’s Day present. They are a thoughtful way to show your lady that you care – and that you have a great sense of style, too!

For men

Men don’t have to miss out when it comes to receiving stylish jewellery or watches for Valentine’s Day! Surprise your beau with one of these and they’ll be at your mercy.

Luxury watch

There are few items that make a statement as strong as a high-quality, luxury watch. An essential piece for the modern man, the traditional watch continues to rule despite the emergence of digital and smart watches. Gray & Sons sell certified authentic, restored watches across a range of brands, including Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe.


Cufflinks can take a regular dress shirt and turn it into one that is supremely elegant and stylish. While cufflinks are typically associated with formalwear, they can be worn with any long-sleeved shirt, adding an ornamental – and practical – touch. They work in the place of a button, keeping the cuffs together. They come in a range of styles and materials, from gun metal to silk.

Steel bracelet

Who says men can’t wear bracelets? Steel, leather or even beaded bracelets look sharp and stylish on men. Consider opting for dark or neutral tones like earthy browns, greys and blacks. A man who can rock a bracelet exudes confidence and charm.

Tungsten ring

Bold, dark and stylish, a tungsten ring makes a timeless gift for gents everywhere. It is incredibly scratch resistant, durable and affordable, making it an excellent way to show your lasting love for him.


There are a wide variety of jewellery and watch options out there to choose from – ensure that you select the one that most appeals to you and your lover. Have a look at Gray & Sons exquisite range of restored luxury items; you are sure to find the perfect gift.





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