7 Of The Best Music Related Apps


Everybody loves music and almost everyone has a phone; combine the two together and you’ve got music related apps! There are a lot of different music related apps out available to download on both iOS and Android devices, all varying in the service or function of the app and how it relates to music.

Almost every situation is made better by music, whether you are playing it out loud or looking to create something new, music apps are here to make your experience easier and even better. While there are so many different apps available to download (some free and others paid), not all apps are created equal. Make sure you don’t waste your time (and potentially money) by downloading a sub-par app that doesn’t even do what you want, or can’t do it properly.

Now, most of the best music related apps you can find on this list are also the most popular (i.e. they are the best for a reason and everybody knows/ loves/ uses them). However there are a couple of music related apps that are a little less well known that you should still consider trying out as they certainly have the potential to be really awesome and popular. So why not branch out of the typical music apps you use regularly and try someone new? You never know you could stumble across the next big music app!

Have a look below at some of the best music related apps to satisfy all your music needs and keep you occupied for hours (in no particular order):

App #1: Chillout Radio

Yes, it is our Radio Station🙂

Gone are the days where you would need a stereo to listen to the radio, now you can through an app! There are a number of radio related apps available for you to choose, including some of the most common radio stations in your local area. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more unique then our Chillout Radio app is for you.

You can download the apps from:

One of the things that users love the most about this app is that it is free and there are also no ads that play in between songs. That is one of our biggest selling points and we have never had ads playing on our apps. Our radio app is known for playing the best chill out songs, so you can sit back and relax. But we also have a mix of other genres including pop, rock, rap, electronic, etc.

App #2: Spotify

Spotify is one of the world’s biggest online streaming platforms can be found using your desktop computer or your phone, in the form of an app. This app is great for streaming music wherever you are. It also provides suggestions of other songs they think you will like. You can also create playlists and all the other typical things you can do with a music streaming app.

One of the great things about this platform and app is that there is a free version (you do have to listen to ads however). There are paid versions of Spotify if you do not want to listen to ads. Also, at the end of the year you get a breakdown of your listening habits, with unique information like how much time you spent listening to music, your most played songs and artists, etc.

App #3: GarageBand

GarageBand has been around for a pretty long time but Apple still seems to keep the app relevant by listening to what the fans and users want and providing relevant updates. In GarageBand users have the ability to create their own music, it is the perfect app for those just getting started.

Those who are looking for a more comprehensive app are recommended to try something else. GarageBand is available on desktop and mobile so you can create new music wherever you are. There are also a lot of effects and instruments to play around with, you are sure to nail a new tune that you like.


App #4: Apple Music

Like Spotify, Apple Music is one of the biggest online music streaming services in the world. Unlike Spotify however, users are unable to access a free version of Apple Music. Apple Music is ideal if you have an iOS device as it sits in seamlessly with a user’s playlists and music. Users also have the ability to stream offline which is perfect for those who do not have a lot of data on their mobile plan.

Apple Music has a large library of songs, radio stations, music videos, etc. to choose from, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Also, because there are only paid versions of this platform, there are no ads. The app also creates and provides you with playlists that they think you will like, as well as updating their “Favourites Mix” weekly with new tunes for you to listen to.

App #5: Soundcloud

Unlike Spotify and Apple music, Soundcloud is here to help you discover those less popular artists that are likely to have not signed a record deal with a major label yet. So if you are looking for new music fresh off the presses, then this is probably a good app to download. You are able to create your own playlists and follow the artists you like.

Also, if you are looking to break into the music industry, then this is probably the place to do it. With so many people from right around the world using this platform daily coupled with the ease of uploading your music, it becomes the ideal place for you to show everyone your musical talent.

App #6: YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app is still fairly new, especially to is main competitors like Spotify and Apple Music, but is it still certainly worth a try. One of the things that make this app different to the competitors is there large selection of alternative varieties of songs, live concerts and covers of popular songs. Like with Spotify there is a free version, but there is an ad or two you’ll have to endure to keep listening.

The great thing about YouTube Music is that you can download the music so you can listen to it when you are offline. You can have your own library of songs as well as search through all the hottest songs currently available. You can also look through different playlists that others have created to get some music inspiration.

App #7: Shazam

When the app what first released it was revolutionary, and it has still managed to stay relevant and keep up with the times. This app is perfect for when you are out and about or watching something on the TV when you hear a new song that you like. You simply open the app and tap to Shazam, and it will tell you within seconds what the song is called and who the artist is.

Once you have Shazamed the song it even provides different options for you to download it (i.e. Apple Music link). It therefore makes the process of downloading new songs to your phone even more streamlined, meaning you can listen to all the latest awesome songs even faster.






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