Roisin Coleman Helps Others Know When Their Phone is Hacked


Roisin Coleman is a social media sensation and cybersecurity expert known for her ability to help people protect themselves and their devices in the online world. After studying a dual degree in cybersecurity and journalism, Roisin Coleman felt that she should share her expert knowledge with those in need. The more prominent technology becomes in our day to day lives, the more important it is for people to know how to protect themselves from hackers. Roisin’s YouTube channel has quickly become one of the top sources of information for a range of cybersecurity related issues. One popular topic is how to know when your phone has been hacked.

Although it is unlikely that this will happen, if your phone has been hacked, unauthorised individuals could be accessing your photos, applications, passwords, and other data. This can have disastrous consequences yet can also be difficult to spot. Roisin Coleman’s video outlines a few warning signs that your phone has been hacked, including: battery going down quickly and data usage going up unexplainably, a spyware app with an unknown tracker, calls or messages sent from you that you don’t remember sending, popups asking you for credentials, and more. Roisin carefully details these warning signs and also provides advice on how to counter them.

The work that Roisin Coleman does through her YouTube videos has been highly valuable for keeping the wider community safe. Her passion and expertise has gained her a rapidly increasing following. She prioritises creating relatable content that is able to be understood by the average person. In steering away from technical cybersecurity jargon, she provides everyone with the opportunity to protect themselves. If you suspect that your phone has been hacked, or you are facing another cybersecurity related issue, then Roisin Coleman is the perfect person to go to for advice.





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