Types of music styles by Mohammad Amin Karimpour:

There are many styles of music, some of which are:

1) Classic, 2) Blues (sad, etc.), 3) Rock, 4) Hip Hop / Rap (Today it can be said that rap is completely separated from hip hop, but some still consider it hip hop) 5) Baroque

6) Pop, 7) R&B (blues rhythm), 8) Impressionism (the basis of beauty and perfection, etc.)

9) Romantic, 10) Original (related to the culture of each country), 11) Jazz or Jazz, 12) Rhythm (an American who uses the bass sound), 13) Swing (can be considered a subset of the jazz style)

14) Metal (this style can be a subset of rock or blues / rock style 15) Reggae (Jamaican), 16) Bossa Nova (Brazilian jazz style), 17) Punk (also a subset of rock)

18) Electronics (American style)

Hip hop music, which became a major part of pop culture in the late 1980s, entered the music scene in the mid-1970s.

Hip hop music consists of two main parts of rap (MC) and (DJ), namely the combination of sound and scratch.

Its subject matter is usually stories from people’s biographies.

These stories are often read as very rhythmic poems, with homogeneous techniques. In hip hop music, a piece called “Beat” accompanies the rapper, played by a DJ and created by a producer and one or more musicians.

Hip hop music has been able to play a large role among a variety of music genres, so that by the early 2000s, hip hop music topped the list of popular music.





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