Ladi Anne’s debut single “New Renaissance” is hypnotically brilliant


LA-based music artist Ladi Anne has just burst onto the scene with her debut single “New Renaissance”, an undoubtedly powerful first showing for this young talent. The track is paired with a highly stylised and atmospheric music video that leaves you with a confronting first impression of the artist that does not pull any punches.

The unapologetic surrealism of the video gives insight into the mind of Ladi Anne and keeps you glued to your seat the whole way through. The video opens with its most memorable imagery – a pyramid of toilet paper rolls in front of which Ladi Anne sings naked. A clever reference to the fears of toilet paper scarcity that pervaded the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an image that grabs your attention and really sticks with you.

Ladi Anne’s impressive vocal ability carries lyrics that are highly relatable to the world as it stands. With the video going on to use poignant imagery of America’s political divide and the struggles of the last year, the hook “feed your mind with inspiration, turn off the news for sanitation” perfectly communicates the simple yet important message Ladi Anne is sending.

The artist’s blend of indie and hip-hop manages to be both incredibly unique and familiar at the same time. The track is comprised of recognizable elements but also plenty of stylistic choices unique to Ladi Anne that truly set her apart as an artist.

Ultimately, “New Renaissance” is something that will stick with you and make you think – two things that any artist, musical or otherwise, should strive to achieve. With the track, Ladi Anne sets the tone for who she is an artist and demonstrates her raw singing and songwriting talent that we absolutely can’t wait to hear more of.

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