Rapper Capo Corleone – CEO of Tree4ort Records & C2 Management


Rapper Capo Corleone is a recording artist, CEO of Tree4ort Records & C2 Management, as well as co-host of The Fixxx on Dash Radio in Hollywood, CA. In 2019 he enjoyed international success with long-time collaborator DJ Dister on their track “Nina Brave”, and in May 2020 his album “Hawallywood” earned him even more recognition across the music scene, helping him amass a dedicated following across platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Capo has now announced his latest single “Outcast” will be dropping on December 15, 2020 on all major streaming platforms. A joint release with DJ Dister, the track is the first taste of Capo’s upcoming full-length album “Westside Story” which is flagged for release in Summer 2021.


Capo kindly answered some questions about the new single and upcoming album.

How do you balance writing/producing the new album with your other commitments as a radio personality and music executive?  

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. All ridiculousness aside though – I try to take everything one day at a time. I’m extremely big on prioritizing my responsibilities and am really lucky to have a great team behind me in everything I do. I love that I can focus on the big picture moves and have the support I need to handle the other stuff along the way – my team is world-class. I couldn’t do anything without them.

When did you start working on Westside Story and what’s the central focus of the album?

I started working on this project in 2018 right around the time when I started Tree4ort Studios. At first, I didn’t have a central focus for the album and was really just recording to record. I tracked over 200 songs between 2018 and 2019, and the songs I chose for this album were the ones that really told my story during this period. It was actually DJ Dister that gave me the idea to call it “Westside Story” because as it progressed – we started noticing most of the tracks were telling the struggles of my everyday life as I turned my passion into a viable career. Also, to be real – my sound and influences emulate the rappers that always inspired me – and those artists are West Coast natives just like me. Shout out to California by the way.

How would you say Westside Story differs from your last album Hawallywood?

It’s interesting because “Hawallywood” and “Westside Story” were recorded in the same period but were very supplemental to each other as far as being part of a timeline in my artistry. “Hawallywood” was this raw energy and excitement built from actually moving to Hollywood and “Westside Story” was the hunger and struggle of actually sacrificing everything to make it. Production-wise as well – the producers I worked with on “Westside Story” were the same guys I was in the trenches with every day which really showed through in the music.

How would you describe your upcoming single Outcast for fans who are eager to hear it?

Outcast is for the black sheep of the world. It’s meant for the underdogs, the trailblazers and the entrepreneurs. It’s for the ones who won’t take no for an answer, the ones you can’t keep down, the ones who always persevere through the hard times and the ones who were counted out. Outcast is for us.

What was it like collaborating with DJ Dister again on the new single?

Dister is a great producer. It’s easy to create with people you’re comfortable with, especially when you know each other’s sound so well. I know what to expect from a Dister beat, and he knows what to expect from a Capo track. It makes the process seamless when you can sit back, drink a beer and create something with a friend. In 2019, we went on tour in Europe to promote our “Nina Brave” track, so we definitely had more time to work on other projects together as well. This won’t be the only Dister track you hear on this album.

You’re a huge advocate for independent musicians – if you had to pick one platform that is most beneficial to independent musicians – which one would it be and why?

Spotify without a doubt. I love Spotify. It’s the one thing that’s really changed the music industry in such a positive way. Spotify has helped shift the power back into the musician’s hands. It’s the only place where you can passively discover new musicians regardless if they are signed, indie, big or small. It’s extremely user friendly for both the listeners and the artist and if you are trying to compete with the big boys – it’s the only platform that gives you the tools and allows you to do so.

Thank you Capo for your time!

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