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Woody Harrelson’s Full Name

What is Woody Harrelson’s full name?

Woody Harrelson’s full name is Woodrow Tracy Harrelson, he goes by the nickname ‘Woody’ in his professional career. Woody Harrelson has managed to carve out a career with his quirky comedic roles and memorable dramatic roles.

Woody Harrelson’s Age

What is Woody Harrelson’s age?

Woody Harrelson was born on the 23rd July, 1961 in Midland, Texas. He is currently 58 years of age. His acting career has spanned three decades and in that time he has transitioned from younger roles to roles that fit his age. Woody Harrelson still looks good for his age and is considered to be charming and handsome with his light hair and wry grin.

Woody Harrelson’s Family

Who is Woody Harrelson’s family?

Woody Harrelson is the son of Diane (nee Oswald) a secretary and convicted hitman Charles Voyde Harrelson. He also has two brothers, Jordan and Brett. Their father was given a life sentence in prison for the 1979 killing of Federal Judge John H. Wood Jr., he later died in the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility in 2007. Harrelson’s family was poor growing up and relied on his mother’s income.

Woody Harrelson’s education

Where did Woody Harrelson go to school?

Woody Harrelson and his family moved to his mother’s hometown of Lebanon, Ohio where he went to Lebanon High School. He worked at the Kings Island Amusement Park during the summer of 1979 and then attended Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana after school. He finished his studies with a BA in theatre and English in 1983.

Woody Harrelson’s Residence

Where does Woody Harrelson live?

Woody Harrelson lives in a 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom home set over 3,205 square feet in Beverly Hills, California. The home was purchased by Woody Harrelson in 1989 for $1,800,018.  He also owns a home in Maui where he spends time with his wife. His home in Maui is located in a secluded area where there are only a few homes, the area is popular with kayakers.

Woody Harrelson’s height and weight

What was Woody Harrelson’s height and weight?

Woody Harrelson is around 5 feet 9 inches tall or 177cm; he weighs around 83kg’s. He is of a fairly average height although he is a bit shorter than many of the leading men in Hollywood. Woody Harrelson has always had a wiry, muscular frame and says that he has always been healthy despite his vices.

Woody Harrelson’s nationality

What nationality is Woody Harrelson?

Woody Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas and grew up in the United States, he is an American citizen. Woody Harrelson is white and likely had ancestors from England or Ireland.

Woody Harrelson’s religion

What religion does Woody Harrelson follow?

Woody Harrelson grew up in a Presbyterian household. As a college student he became disillusioned with the Church and lost his faith whilst he was studying theology and the roots of the Bible. He started to feel that the Bible was man-made and used to control people. After several decades of extreme hedonism he says he believes in God as an adult.

Woody Harrelson’s fame

What is Woody Harrelson famous for?

Woody Harrelson is famous for being an American actor and playwright. He first became famous for his role as the bartender, Woody Boyd on the sitcom Cheers which ran between 1985 and 1993. He has won a number of awards in his career including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. He has also earned three Academy Award Nominations.

Woody Harrelson’s early career

How did Woody Harrelson’s career start?

Woody Harrelson said that he followed a friend to New York and tried out for summer stock, but got no parts. He got his first job in a Neil Simon play and was expecting to play a role after several of the stage actors were fired, but instead he auditioned for and was cast in Cheers. When auditioning for the role Woody Harrelson said that he was pretty carefree and that’s what earned him the role.

Woody Harrelson’s breakthrough role

What was Woody Harrelson’s breakthrough role?

Woody Harrelson’s big break was really his first role in the sit-com Cheers. Whilst the show was on he went on to appear in three films which helped to establish his film career; Wildcats, a 1968 football comedy, White Men Can’t Jump (1992) and Money Train (1995), a film which bombed at the box office. His first big film was Indecent Proposal and Natural Born Killers. His career really began to take off however when he starred in the People vs Larry Flynt.

Woody Harrelson’s continued film success

What has Woody Harrelson done since his breakthrough role?

After The People vs. Larry Flynt, Woody Harrelson started to appear in more serious films like Welcome to Sarajevo. Later he appeared in Wag the Dog, Palmetto, The Thin Red Line and The Hi-Lo Country. Harrelson took a break between 1999 and 2003 and didn’t appear in a film again until the 2003 film Anger Management. After that he appeared in After the Sunset, She Hates Me, The Big White, North Country, The Walker and No Country for Old Men. More recently he’s appeared in War for the Planet of the Apes, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Zombie Land: Double Tap and Midway. He has also previously appeared in big block buster films like The Hunger Games movies and the Now Your See Me trilogy.

Woody Harrelson’s net worth

What is Woody Harrelson’s net worth?

Woody Harrelson’s estimated net worth is approximately $65million. He earns over $20 million each year thanks to his successful roles as an actor, comedian and playwright. Woody Harrelson has been in a number of highly successful films. Harrelson is said to earn around $5-$6 million for his film appearances. The impressive earnings of his movies has likely helped a lot when it comes to driving up his net worth, some of his films have been hugely commercially successful.

Woody Harrelson’s personal life

Who has Woody Harrelson married?

Woody Harrelson has been married twice. His first marriage was to Nancy Simon in 1985, she was the daughter of playwright Neil Simon. The couple got married in Tijuana and were intended to get divorced the following day but when they returned to the marriage storefront and divorce store, it was closed. They remained married for a further ten months.

In 2008, Harrelson got married to Laura Louie, the co-fouder of the organic food delivery service Yoganics. The couple met in 1987 when Laura was working as Woody Harrelson’s personal assistant. The couple have been rocked by a number of controversies over the course of their relationship, including news that Harrelson had been unfaithful.

Who has Woody Harrelson dated?

Woody Harrelson has also previously dated American actress Glenn Close in 1991, Ally Sheedy in 1989 and Penelope Anne Miller in 1985. He also dated Carole Kane between 1986 and 1988 and is rumoured to have dated Moon Unit Zappa and Brooke Shields.

Does Woody Harrelson have kids?

Woody Harrelson has three daughters with wife Laura Louie, Deni (Born 1993), Zoe (born 1996) and Makani (born 2006). Harrelson and his daughter Zoe appeared in a short U2 video clip together.

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