A Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson collab?


Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are taking their relationship to the next level. Ever since Cyrus and Simpson started dating it was widely known via their social media posts that they have been spending time not just by being sweet and affectionate to each other but also by singing and playing instruments which led fans to hope for the two who have apparent musical chemistry to dish out brand new content that they can work on with each other.

Simpson teased his upcoming album earlier this month with him hinting that a potential collaboration with his girlfriend could be a possibility in the near future.

TMZ reported yesterday that Cyrus and his company have filed legal documentation to request for ownership of the name Bandit and Bardot. TMZ added that the trademark will cover facets like performances by a musical singer, entertainer, and a band.

The trademark request will also cover a website dedicated to live concerts and audio recording for all types of media.

A lot of people immediately noticed that the brand has a brand new Instagram that just a couple of days ago was just following two people but has reverted to following no one which adds a little spice to the situation.

Given that Cyrus and Simpson had spent a lot of time together for the past few months, people had assumed that the two had time to work on a collaboration with each other.

Simpson spoke with GQ during the Man of the Year event and shared a few tidbits on his upcoming album that included a possibility of recording a track with his girlfriend.

He said that they were looking at the possibility closely and that they were getting all the tracks laid out to determine who would make sense for what song. Simpson added that his album will be cool and will basically be a rock album with a lot of guitar. He also added that he is currently working on something and will be busy recording during the holidays that will allow him to release the album next year.

This just means that Miley and Cody won’t be doing any collabs any time soon, but they will be celebrating the holidays with their loved ones together if we were to take note of their activities during Thanksgiving and Halloween.






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