Este Haim is sick of “backhanded compliments” about ‘bass face’


The sibling musical trio Haim has reported dealing with a lot of thinly veiled sexism during their time in the music industry and 33-year-old Este Haim is sick and tired of seeing online comments about her ‘bass face’. Este believes that these comments about what her face does when she is feeling the emotion of her music on-stage are sexist and would not be made towards a male performer.

Este has had her ‘bass face’ copied and pasted onto hundreds of memes that have circulated the internet, some even within the Haim fanbase itself. Este and her siblings interpret the memes as evidence of sexism that they believe they would not have face if they were male performers for whom having an awkward face while singing a long note wouldn’t be focused in on.

“They wouldn’t say it to a dude,” she asserted.

Sister and bandmate Alana Haim have also reported experiencing a form of casual sexism since her rise to fame. She said that people would say things like ‘Oh, wow, you can really play’ which she interprets as ‘Oh, wow, you can really play (for a woman)’.

The girls have spoken about how their latest single ‘Now I’m In it’ is about going into a spiral of depression and was inspired by their own personal mental health struggles. Danielle Haim, the 3rd sister and bandmember, has suck her mental health was “stuck in a dark hole” and this inspired the song writing process.





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