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  • New signs of water on Mars

    According to observations of the lunar soil sample collected by the Chinese probe, water was probably a widespread substance on the planet until recently.

  • Glammy Mars His Inspirations, Themes & New Project “TRESPASS”

    [ad_1] Solo-artist Glammy Mars has exploded onto the music scene in 2020, bringing his unique futuristic sound that’s dripping with atmosphere. His second single “I’M LOST” has been gaining significant traction on music streaming platforms, and the artist’s combination of unfiltered lyricism and high-level beats production is earning him more fans every day. Not one…

  • Bruno Mars – Everything You Need to Know – Biography

    [ad_1] Bruno Mars’ Full Name What is Bruno Mars’ full name? Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, he chose his stage name when he moved to Los Angeles to help prevent being pigeonholed as a Latino artist. ‘Bruno’ was the nickname that his father chose for him growing up because of his resemblance…