Mehdi Farzi: In what way can music affect the body?

Mehdi Farzi said: “Research indicates that music beats can affect brain waves. In fact, a piece of music with strong and constant beats can stimulate brain waves in such a way that with the beats of the song For example, it has been observed that faster beats can bring the brain closer to a state of consciousness.

While the slower beats bring the brain closer to the state of relaxation and rest. These changes that music beats make on brain waves can continue even after listening to music is over.

With the change of brain waves, other parts of the body, which are all under the control of the brain, undergo changes and transformations. Therefore, for example, the functioning of the automatic nervous system is also affected. And this means that the nervous and respiratory systems are also affected by this story.

Use music with high tempo and major scale to be happy and increase energy and create creativity and motivation. From now on, if you want to choose music to listen to, choose it according to your mental state at that moment. In this choice, consider the tempo, pace, style and content of the lyrics. After hearing a piece of music with these characteristics, you will definitely feel better.”






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