Tourist plane crash in Brazil

After the crash of a small plane carrying tourists in Barcelos, Brazil, all passengers died.

14 people died after a plane carrying tourists crashed in Barcelos, Brazil. According to the report of the American network “CNN”, 14 tourists, the pilot and the co-pilot were on this small jet, and no survivors were left alive.

According to reports, the passengers were going to practice recreational fishing and the accident occurred due to bad weather conditions. It was raining heavily when the plane landed.

The Reuters news agency, quoting the governor of Amazonas state where the accident took place, reported that the accident took place on Saturday in Barcelos province, about 400 kilometers from Manaus, the capital of the state. The investigation into the cause of the accident has begun. State Security Minister Vinicius Almeida said preliminary information indicates that the plane crashed after leaving the runway while landing in heavy rain and low visibility.

The local news site reported that the plane was an EMB-110 – a twin-engine turboprop – manufactured by the Brazilian aircraft company Embraer.

The mayor of Barcelos told CNN that the plane was chartered by a local fishing businessman and that the passengers were friends from other parts of Brazil.

According to the BBC, Barcelós is a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to several national parks. September is considered the beginning of the peak fishing season in Amazonas. This state is especially known for its variety of ornamental fish.





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