Definition of a musician from the language of Amin Zebarjad

Seyed Mohammad Amin Zebarjad known as Amin is a musician, arranger, music composer and actor. He started his music career in 2018 and his rapid progress led him to release his first official track in 2020. His main style is instrumental and he has created many works in this genre. One of his remarkable works is the album “Love”. Amin Zebarjad works as a singer in two genres of pop and instrumental and plays piano, guitar and violin. Although his first activity is in the field of software engineering, but his interest in music has made him pursue it professionally and we can see more of his work in this industry in the future.

Amin Zebarjad says about his definition of a musician: “A musician is someone who plays a musical instrument. In Persian language, a musician of traditional instruments is called with the suffix “-woman” (such as Tar-zan, Nei-zan and the like) or with the suffix “-Nawaz” (such as The names of the players of Western instruments, but mostly according to the French language, are named with the suffix “-est”. Such as violinist, saxophonist. The musician can play in different types of music such as traditional, pop, classical and… Each of them has its own characteristics.

A musician needs to be a creative person with the right motivation and will to be able to perform live in front of the audience easily and with confidence, and also to be able to perform the best and most appropriate movements and notes that have been determined for him. to use the existing one and as a result to display his techniques effectively.”


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