Japan has postponed the trip to the moon for the third time

Japan’s space agency on Monday postponed its Moon Sniper mission to the moon for the third time due to bad weather.

According to Face, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has postponed its mission to the moon for Swin-Barr and did not announce a new date for the start of this mission.

MHI Launch Services, one of the rocket’s developers, said on X’s social media platform that the mission was canceled because it was confirmed that winds in the upper atmosphere did not meet launch constraints.

Last week, India landed a spacecraft near the moon’s south pole, a historic victory for the world’s most populous country and its low-cost space program. Previously, only the United States, Russia and China had managed to land a spacecraft on the surface of the Moon, none of which was on Antarctica.

India’s success comes days after a Russian probe crashed in the same area and four years after India’s previous attempt failed. Japan also tried last year to land a lunar probe called Omotnashi, carried by NASA’s Artemis 1, but the mission went wrong and communications were lost.

In April, Japanese startup iSpace failed in an ambitious bid to become the first private company to land on the moon, losing touch after what the company called a hard landing.

The Moon Sniper mission is so-called because Japan’s space agency plans to land it within 100 meters (330 feet) of a specific target on the moon, far short of the usual range of several kilometers.


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