Suing SpaceX for discrimination

The US Department of Justice sued Elon Musk’s aerospace company for employment discrimination against asylum seekers and refugees.

Citing the writings of Reuters, the statement of the US Department of Justice states that, according to the complaint, from at least September 2018 to May 2022, SpaceX regularly barred refugees from applying for jobs at the company and denied them due to their citizenship status. Sean was not hiring. It should be noted that such behavior is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Law.

In job ads and public statements over the past few years, SpaceX has falsely claimed that under federal laws called the Export Control Act it can hire only US citizens and permanent residents, which it sometimes does. They are also referred to as “green card holders”.

According to the Justice Department’s statement, the company’s billionaire owner Elon Musk’s online posts are examples of discriminatory public statements.

The complaint refers to a June 2020 post by Elon Musk on Platform X (formerly Twitter), which states: According to US law, to be employed at SpaceX, one must have at least a green card because rockets are advanced weapon technology. .







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