A gadget that makes you a skilled athlete

During high-speed movements, the athlete’s eyes must be focused on the ball as well as his opponent. In this regard, the “Falcon Frames” wearable gadget was made with this in mind and helps to improve the neuro-visual skills of the user.

According to New Atlas, the startup “OcuRay” has made this wearable gadget in collaboration with the “John McEnroe” Tennis Academy in New York.

The smart glasses frame is a bit like a sunglasses frame that covers the front of the eyes and the sides of the head. Its upper part is cut and includes a strip of multi-colored LED lights that are placed in the lower part and the corners of the user’s field of vision. This gadget also includes 2 sensors tracking the direction of the user’s gaze, which continuously monitors it.

The idea of making the gadget is for the athlete to use Falcon Frames during exercise. Meanwhile, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app guides the gadget to guide various visual skill-building routines.

For example, users may be told to keep their eyes on the ball, even while the LEDs are randomly lit to distract the user from it. In another scenario to create a preferred field of view, the user was told to look at where the lights turned on even while playing a game.

In future plans, the wearable gadget is supposed to work with a separate device that continuously tracks the position of the tennis ball from one side of the court to the other and transmits this data to the Falcon Frames.

Users can also compare their eye-brain coordination with the champions of the field to improve their performance.






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