Dj. Mt or Mehran Tabatabaei said about the technology of the DJ device:

As you know, with the advancement of science, great steps were taken to increase efficiency and ease of use, for example, today all amateur and professional DJs use Dj Controller, and in fact, because of this device, they no longer need It does not use flash or CD and can only be used by connecting to a laptop.

Interestingly, after preparing DJ Control, you can do everything you want to DJ by using software like Virtual Dj or DJ Traktor.

DJ in Iran

DJing in Iran is not defined from the point of view of the men’s government, and according to the law, it does not have the necessary qualifications to perform, therefore, due to the lack of training in this field, those interested in this field enter without knowledge and unknowingly for the sake of making a living and getting by. They enter the quality level or group D mentioned above.

In previous years, DJ devices were only played through discs because the music industry was not as advanced and growing as it is now. But with the progress of science and technology, they can be implemented through USB cables and memory cards such as flash memory and laptops.

Dj.Mt is an Iranian musician and DJ, whose real name is Mehran Tabatabaei, born on August 15, 1984.

In order for DJs to be able to change songs, so that the listeners do not notice the change, DJ software should be used that can synchronize the rhythms with the tempo of the song. To learn about other composition terms, enter the blue link.





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